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Arnova 10 G2 FAQ

Archos Arnova 10 G2 Linux Development

scripts & tools

rksp scripts & rktools.

Tablet information

Rk2918 tablets
Rockchip 2918 devices MTD partitions mapping
Editing Boot logo on Rockchip Tablets

Note: Feel free to help develop this Archos Arnova 10 G2 rom cook book and add/edit the content.

ArcTools translation

English (reference page)

Translations to be done, your help is needed for the following languages: Korean

Completed translations: French, Italian (thanks MrShark), German (thanks Martin), Spanish (thanks Javier), Dutch (thanks Javier & hvdwolf) Japanese, Czech (thanks Vaclav), Russian, Ukrainian (thanks Alexander), Polish (thanks Sauron), Finnish and Swedish (thanks Patrik), Traditional Chinese (thanks Alex), Portuguese (thanks Paulo), Danish (thanks Tuxen), Turkish (thanks Kursad), Greek (thanks Ioannis), Romanian (thanks globula_neagra)

To edit a page you now need to create an account on this WIKI.
Then go the the page for the specific language you want to translate in. English page is supplied as a reference and is read only.

For the translation, you need to change each string content in your language <string name="label">Content</string>

For example: In the EN (english) translation
<string name="hello">Hello</string>
Would become in FR (french)
<string name="hello">Bonjour</string>

Please make sure you keep the original formating (and comments) from the original page.

If possible please try to use translation of similar length (number of letters) as they are used on graphical interface items like buttons which may look bad if they largely differ in length from the English reference text.

For existing translations: please check back for changes on the English (reference page), updates are made at the end of the file. When possible, please translate these updates in your language.


Recent changes:

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