How to install Android Market 3.1.3 and google apps (no root req)

Here is how you can install android market and Google Apps onto your device manually in-case arctools is incompatible

Just follow these 10 simple steps:

  1. Download THIS to your computer and extract the file (just press skip add in top right)
  2. Plug your device into the computer and enable USB Storage
  3. Drag and drop your extracted folder into your device and navigate to it using the built in file browser
  4.  Install the apps in the following order but do not open any yet:
    1. Google Services Framework
    2. OneTime Initializer
    3. Setup Wizard
    4. Talk
    5. Gmail
    6. Vending
  5. Now log into Gmail, it may take a while, you should get this error:
  6. Now go into settings and manage apps. Click on Google framework. Clear the data if you have the option also the cache
  7. Do the same thing for Gmail and clear the data if you have the option also the cache
  8. Turn device off and on again.
  9. DON’T launch the market but launch Gmail and login. It should work this time
  10. You can now use the android market Google apps can be downloaded from there.

If you have any questions please post them in the forum or in the comments section

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