hopefully will explain this correctly….

Sowa’s rom creates a folder at location MNT/Storage called sdcard now this is a virtual sd card that the system uses when no physical card is present and is where you app data files that are downloaded go as is save files(edited pics or notes)and anything else you wish to add and anything else your system creates and saved is located….

Now is there a way to have the physical sdcard mount as a second sdcard? I ask as when you mount it, it takes over from virtual card and hides it from the system which means you have to move things to it for them to work or you have to download and start from scratch.By mounting as a second card it means that lovely space on you internal memory is usable as your primary sdcard plus you not only have whatever size sdcard you use but what ever internal memory to so for instance 5gig internal + 16 gig sdcard = 21gig not 16gig as is the case when you mount the sdacrd due to it hiding and taking over from the virtual sdcard..

Is there away to mount both????