Firmware FolioMod v1.4 Android Market et root pour Toshiba Folio100


Custom firmware made by Dexter_nlb FROM


This Mod is based on Toshiba Stock with additions from Nvidia SDK, to make a better functioning stock rom with google apps and better OpenGL ES support.

Currently giving you an amazing

– 3000+ in Quadrant score!! (screenshot here )

– 50.5 frames in neocore (not amazing compared to HTC desireHD, i think, but still good)

You can also follow updates on Twitter now: Dexter Picard (DexterPicard) on Twitter or me a Red bull, and you’re sure i stay up working on this mod or you can visit my new homepage at Dexter’s mods

for new users with latest firmware, here is a howto on reverting tablet to be able to install custom roms.

Wiki pages available here and here Other non-FolioMod , but folio100 threads Kernel&Tweaks & General questions thread

Please use these for non-FolioMod questions, like screen,battery etc…

Video illustration of FolioMod (Thanks to kevin.hansen)


Installation Instructions:



You can also try these instructions for v1.1 and lower versions here or here if those help you in another way than the one provided below.


download latest FolioMod full zipfile- Extract contents to a folder and follow instructions below.

  1. copy the from inside downloaded zipfile to the root of your sdcard, and insert sdcard into folio.
  2. Enter « Recovery menu » when folio is just turned on and press (POWER) once and (VOL up) next.
  3. press (VOL up) Factory reset or system update.
  4. press(VOL down) to continue to system update.
  5. press (VOL up) to confirm system update.
  6. during installation progress bar will show har far it is.
  7. folio will reboot after installation.
  8. if you need to wipe, repeat the steps above without sdcard inserted, and you get into recovery menu. Press « HOME » button to see menu and choose « factory reset ».

After reboot a BLACK screen appear for 1 or 2 minutes!! don’t worry, its normal!

Rollback to original stock rom:

Download Folio stock image for full restore to stock rom

extract zip to a folder, and from here follow steps 1 – 7 above, to install the .

This image is for rollback purpose, if you do not want the mod edition, here is the way back to stock rom.

Remember to run a factory reset before or after this stock rom install..

Latest Full update

Download Mirror 1 – FolioMod v1.4 or Mirror 2


  • FolioWidget fix here , solves the compressed issue on regular launcher or LauncherPRo. now shows all icons.
  • V1.4 – Rollback of graphics tweak driver – if you got problems with touch screen here
  • V1.3+ old wifi driver(1.0 release) works better for some ppl. (Requested by many) here
  • V0.0+ Generic format internal storage for all mods (so far) here, only needed if you got internal storage problems.

Rename downloaded patch to and install using recovery.

Old releases

Download Mirror 1 – FolioMod v1.3d

Download Mirror 1 – FolioMod v1.3b

Download Mirror 1 – FolioMod v1.3 – Mirror 2 – Mirror 3 – (NOT THERE)


Known issues (also reported by users)




ownhere – coming up with the initial idea on how to implement the loopback solution for optimized database access.

Weeds2000 , for the great help and fixes done so far for us (Orientation + paid apps, vold with NTFS corrections to FolioMod) + Kernel compiles

DerArtem – Compiling kernel + and being very active on getting 3G modem support for us on our folio!!

Sol Ido – Foliowidget

Teknoraver – Foliobuttons

badstorm2010 – First custom kernel on folio available.


v1.4 (changes compared to v2.2.5.0131)

  • libraries from v release of 18-feb-2011
  • eUpdate patch from stock release of 18-feb-2011 (touchscreen+i2c update)
  • Paid apps working. (thanks to weeds2000 for the fix)
  • rotation & mouse (fixed by Weeds2000)
  • Fixed toshiba pegadroid support (ext.jar missing pegadroid service), important for toshiba services.
  • added newest Market app (2.2.11)
  • 3D frame hack (increased framerate from 51 to 70), if you got touchscreen issues, here is the rollback patch
  • BROKEN: 3G support (new toshiba kernel required for display driver, and we got no source available yet)
  • BROKEN: CIFS support
  • Filesystem optimization still active
  • newest flashplayer v10.1.120.10 included.
  • newest mediaplayer & filemanager update from toshiba.
  • Maps 5.0 added with multitouch rotation support
  • build.prop changed to emulate GalaxyTab (tablet Market support with more apps)NOTE: Name is written as SGH-T849 (please just ignore, forum reports will be ignored too)
  • HDMI option added in Settings, for option to switch between 480p,576p,720p,1080pnote: tablet is still just 1024×600, so desktop is scaled, movieplayback should be correct.
  • 360 degree rotation
  • settings – gapps sync enabled
  • deodex’d
  • wpa supplicant (adhoc) support (use FolioWidget to enable)
  • Added WMA/WMV support (upto 1080p)
  • Fixed Wifi script issues
  • Fixed /mnt/sdcard mount location (apps issue, better support now)
  • Root’d (Superuser + su included)
  • Rooted recovery + busybox tools
  • increased main filesystem (252MB)
  • SpareParts (disable « compatibility mode » to have old apps fullscreen.
  • Taskkiller included (Fixed for Toshiba framework)
  • More Locale 2 included (so all languages can be selected)
  • BROKEN: NTFS / CIFS / 3G support will be enabled as soon as a kernel source update is available, so DerArtem can compilea working kernel for us.


Thanks to all those which have donated because of this FolioMod. Its truly appreciated to see people actually

like this and would pay a little to get the improvements in place!!



WARNING: Use this image at your own risk and i take no responsibility if

you brick your tablet.. Image has been tested on a Toshiba Folio 100 and works fine if guidelines are followed.


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