Archos G9 ICS firmware update 4.0.24 available (new Remote Control, many fixes: Media Center, Wi-Fi driver)


ARCHOS has just released a firmware update for their Gen9 tablets. The release number jumps from 4.0.7 to 4.0.24, probably to reflect the changes and get in sync with the Gen10 firmwares. The system version actually moves from Android 4.0.3 to latest ICS version 4.0.4. The revision history is quite long, it covers main Media Center fixes, a new Remote Control feature and a more robust Wi-FI driver that should hopefully fix the latest problems.

According to the release information, the detailed changes are the following:

Version 4.0.24 – October 10th, 2012

  • Android: IceCream Sandwich 4.0.4 version
  • Media Center: network indexing on network shortcut menu (+), network shortcuts creation is proposed on network share directory long press
  • Media Center: new simplified Movie/TV Shows/All Video views
  • Media Center Video: new video information view with backdrop display and chooser (click on backdrop to change it)
  • Media Center Video: poster can be changed by clicking on it in the video Information view
  • Video Scraper: faster media information retrieval process. Note that in the migration process, all your video scraper information will be lost.
  • Subtitles: ability to download and save subtitles for network shares
  • Media Center: add video search
  • Media Center Music: Album art swipe gesture support
  • Remote control: control your tablet with your TV remote through HDMI on TV compatible hardware (directional pad, multimedia and color TV remote keys)
  • Archos Remote: support of remote touch pad
  • Wi-Fi: new more robust driver
  • Media Center Video: fix audio desync for some MPEG4/AVI files
  • Media Center Video: fix MPEG PS/VOB audio track selection
  • Media Center Video: fix UPNP playback of large files (>4GB)
  • Media Center Video: fix seeking in some TS files
  • Media Center Video: fix playing certain MKV files
  • Media Center Video: fix playing certain H264 files
  • Media Center Video: improve DVD/VOB playback in case there are IFO files present
  • Media Center Video: add support for MPL2 subtitle format
  • Media Center Video: improve playback of H264/AAC TS files

Archos G9 4.0.24 Firmware download

firmware_archos_it4.aos (205 Mb)

Firmware update procedure at

Archos Remote Control feature tested on an Archos 101 XS, works the same on the Gen9.

Gen8 firmware is coming too, stay tuned. 😉