Windows Dumping tutorial for RK29-equipped Arnova G3 models



  1. Need some insight on this procedure since on step 5 I do not get any device connected, although got it in Device Manager listed as « Android ADB Device ».
    Since the model I have is supposedly a 10BG3 under Auchan brand I am lost on making the dump for flashing it…
    Tried to connect and disconnect the tablet without success on adb devices command and also reboot several times without success…

    Any hint will be appreciated!



  2. Hey, thanks for the tutorial, but I have an issue with step 8.
    I pushed rkdump and used exactly the same command you stated above as it is my backup.img but I get the error « /sdcard/rkdump: cannot execute – Permission denied »
    Checked the props and rkdump is 666, I’m root on the device.
    Any suggestions?


  3. Hi
    The adb driver also works for the Arnova 9 G2, tested on Win7 32 Bit
    Hardware ID’s are as follows

    ;;; Arnova 9 G2
    %SingleAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USB\VID_0E79&PID_1466
    %CompositeAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USB\VID_0E79&PID_1466


  4. hello im trying to dump my 10b g3 dt arnova but in device manager the hardware’s id doesnt have the m1_01 lines at the end looks like this USB\VID_0E79&PID_146C&REV_0222
    USB\VID_0E79&PID_146C.. any suggestions?

  5. first of all sorry for my bad english and for my ignorance. I dont even know if its the right place to post but Idont know what to do .

    Ive already purchased a Arnova 7bG3 8gb (im newby, this is my first android device). The fact is that there is no way that any notebook or pc detect my tablet. (ive tried 5 computers 3 usb cables) they always put the same advice that says something as its an unknown device and cannot find the driver , even running the « solution problem fixer »( my windows is in spanish ,so i dont know the exact traslation of that ) that it comes when you go to control panel/devices &printers / and it appear as « not specified »
    I ve contact the arnova support but they told me that there is no need to install any driver for windows 7 (64b) , that i have to try with another usb cable , and i did it , I,ve already updated with the ultimate firmware , i also updated windows media player to11 and microsoft net framework to 4, but as isaid nathing happens.
    I only want to » see » it in mu computer!!!!
    Of course that i put the tablet in the right usb mode to proper connect.

    So , can you help m.e please? thank you very much for your time

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