Ubuntu 12.04 now booting on Rockchip RK3188 MiniPC


About 10 days ago, we told you about Linux kernel for Rockchip RK3188 source publication together with a PicUntu release on the way. Well it’s time available and a first Linux kernel has been compiled and assembled with an Ubuntu Linux 12.04, if you have an RK3188 device you can get it but you should know that there is not support for WiFi, Bluetooth, or hardware-accelerated graphics at the moment.



The installation details are giving by Ian MORRISON ON GOOGLE+

Installation (5 easy steps):
1. Create a SDCARD with an Ubuntu 12.04 root file system on it and ensure it is labeled as “linuxroot” (see http://www.slatedroid.com/topic/41654-pre-alpha-03-ubuntu-linux-for-mk802-iii-ug802-mk808-ug007-imito-mx1/ as a starter).
2. Flash your RK3188 minipc with rooted stock (4.1.1 or 4.2.2 firmware) see http://www.armtvtech.com/armtvtechforum/viewtopic.php?f=208&t=2020, on our forum or at freaktab.com
3. Boot you MiniPC and install terminal (seehttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jackpal.androidterm&hl=en)
4. Then only flash t428-3.0.36-linuxium-test+-kernel.img as recovery.img.
5. Boot MiniPC, fire up terminal, su and then “reboot recovery”.
Wait – you will see four tux and a blank screen – wait some more – consider pressing buttons, wiggling cables as nothing is happening – suddenly …

If you don’t have a stick with RK3188 you can get one for less than $80 at geekbuying.com

Tronsmart T428 MiniPC

Rockchip 3188 CPU, Mali 400 GPU, 2 GB RAM, WIFI 802.11ac, Bluetooth

Via cnx-software.com


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