Tronsmart T428 rooted Android 4.2.2 JellyBean firmware (update 2013/05/29)


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  1. Hello, have not installed yet, but question about Ethernet connection. Tried to use Multi leg USB dongle, didn’t work, but note I also have Blue Tooth receiving attached there. Any suggestions? Downloading firmware now, hope to install this weekend

  2. hello everyone, I bought a week ago a tronsmart T428 stick.

    I tested 2 ROM:

    – Tronsmart T428 Android 4.2.2 – Finless 1.5 ROM

    – Kasty-tronsmart_t428-422-20130529_rooted5

    Currently the best ROM for me is (kasty-tronsmart_t428 20130529_rooted5-422) which is in this site.

    sync audio / video 720p and 1080p youtube, OK, ok video quality.

    Version of XBMC (xbmc-20130403-6200f76-Gotham_alpha2_stagefright-armeabi-V7A) navi-x streaming 720p, ok.

    WIFI, Bluetooth, RJ45 (LAN), perfect, really stable.

    The ROM is Big fluid.

    For ROM (Finless 1.5 ROM): WIFI, RJ45 (LAN), 1080p and xbmc navi-x streaming 720p, unstable.


    Just display wifi does not work on T428 tronsmart there any site that talks are wifi or display

    no video that proves it works. (It is a fake?).

    I tested with my (galaxy note 2), AllShare cast connects ok with T428 tronsmart, but nothing happens.

    How would someone fontionne wifi display? , Tutorial, video, thank you in advance.

    • I’m using a Microsoft Lifecam Cinema, the video works perfectly fine but the microphone doesn’t work, even the mic on my Bluetooth earpiece does not work. I’ve tried another USB hub with no success and also tried another crappy webcam but get the same result, picture but no audio. I had all this working on the previous version, barely but now it seems to have gotten worse. Seems like all microphone related things are broken.

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