Siren Tag for Archos Smart Home on the way


While Archos Smart Home pack will only hit the market later this month, Archos is already busy with preparing more connected accessories for it. One of them is the Archos Siren Tag, which looks quite simillar to the already announced Weather Tag and Movement Tag. While we didn’t get much to know about the device, it looks like the Siren Tag will be able to make some loud noise. 😉 Being part of connected home, the Siren Tag can be controlled by the other connected objects. For example, you could configure that the siren will go off when motion ball detects movement at night.


Technical specifications

Waterproof yes
Power Source 2 CR2430 batteries
Dimensions 36x36x15 mm
Weight ~16g
Wireless technologies Bluetooth Low Energy, connection up to 26m indoor

Real device pictures taken at ARCHOS presentation in February 2014:


Squared paper measures 5 x 5 mm


Photos by Eugene Gorsky

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