Test Samsung microSD (Class 10) 32GB


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  1. Hi again exelletor,

    I hope you can help, I have just received my Samsung 32 GB Micro SD card, can I just put it straight into the tablet?

    Also which is the best way to download load films and music, should I plug in Arnova 7b G2 and drag the films/music to the Video/Music folders on the Arnova or to the SD card folder.

    One last thing, is it better to use the adapter for the SD card, insert this into my computer, download the films/music onto the SD card, then put the SD card into the Arnova, the only reason I’m asking this is I wanted to know if the card needs to be formatted or I can use it straight away.

    Thanks in advance for your help 🙂

    • You can format it if you want, but it comes formatted as FAT32 and if you are ok with it, you can use it straight away. 🙂 I have no idea which other formats(FAT32 for sure) the Arnova 7b G2 can read/write to, I hope admin can help us here. Still, FAT32 should be the best option if you are not going to put files bigger than 4GB on it. 🙂

      There is no difference between using a microSD reader in your Arnova and using a separate microSD reader.

      Regarding the video/music folders – I have no idea, I hope admin can help us here too. 🙂 I would assume that the multimedia library automatically would recognise the files from the sd card and would put them in the video and music apps. I know that the non-stock ones(MX Video Player and PowerAmp) have their own libraries, but I really have no idea about the stock Arnova ones. You can try. 🙂

      • Considering the card comes preformated as FAT32, you can use it immediately. You files will be readable both on the tablet or on a computer (using a microSD card reader). If you like to format the card again on the Arnova, just go to Settings / Storage settings, in the SD card panel, choose Erase SD card. it should format it and erase it.
        Also, don’t forget to unmount the card when you want to remove it from the tablet (see Unmount SD card in the same menu).
        You can copy your media file at any location on the sdcard, the video/music player should find them on the tablet.

        • Hi again,

          Thank you exelletor and admin, for your help.

          This is what is happening right now, I have inserted my Micro SD card into the Arnova, connected the Arnova to my PC, dragged a video from the PC to SD card, checked it was there and it was, unplugged the Arnova safely, went to the Arnova, opened video player nothing there, went to Files, SD Card, and I have .adobe-digital- editions and .com.mobisystems.editor.office_registered and helex.thumbnails and Digital Editions and eBooks and LOST.DIR and rn-donwloads and nothing else, I searched the whole tablet and I cannot find the video, so I connected the tablet to the PC again, found Arnova, looked under SD card and there was the video, now I don’t know what to do!

          Can someone help please 🙁

          • Hi again,

            O.K things are looking a lot better, I removed the card from the Arnova, inserted it in the Micro SD card adapter, inserted it in the PC, dragged a video onto the SD card in Arnova, inserted the card back into the Arnova, went to Video Player and there it was, plays perfectly, I don’t know why it didn’t do it when I had the Arnova plugged into the PC, but for me this is even better, as I don’t have to have the Arnova on when transferring Music and Video files.

            Thanks once again for everyone’s help 🙂

  2. Hi,

    I just went on the Samsung site went to this card, and there it said:

    Will this accessory work with my Product, and in a box next to it I typed:
    Archos Arnova 7b G2 and it said

    « Your Product is not compatible!
    This Accessory is not guaranteed to work with your product »

    So then I just typed in Archos and received the same reply, can someone tell me if they are running this card in the same tablet as mine and if it works?


    • Hi,

      The Arnova 7b G2 has a microSD slot which is SDHC cards compatible. I don’t have an 7b G2 now, but all the Archos devices I tried recognised it. So, it should work. The only problem could be the max read/write speed, but I think that becomes a problem when you are looking at UHS-1 and higher cards(the card will still work, but at lower class).

      Hope that helps. 😉

      • Hi,

        Thanks for your reply 🙂

        It would be nice to know if the Class 10 card would definitely work in my 7b G2, I don’t really want to spend £30 on a card and then find out it is not compatible, I could go for a Class 6 but would prefer the Class 10 as it would be more future proof and better for watching films.
        Do you think it is worth opening a thread as asking if anyone has tried it?

        • Class 10 will definitely work, It can just work at Class 6 speed… You will still be able to access and read/write the files on it, but at slighlty slower speed. Still, I don’t think that is the case, because I didn’t have any problems with my devices and I assume Arnova 7b G2 supports at least up to Class 10; UHS-1 cards could be a problem. Well, if it turns out that the 7b supports only up to Class 6(Again, I don’t think that is the case), then you will benefit from the higher class with your next phone/tablet/camera. 🙂

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