Root pour les Onda V812 / Onda V972 et tablettes basées sur Allwinner A31


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  1. I have Aoson M1016 device and the update zip runned successfully, but i dont have root access. I made factory reset after that but it didnt helped too. Do you hve any idea? Also i got a SuperSU app. What does this app do? Thanks your help in advance!

  2. Hi!

    I have Aoson M1016 Allwinner a31s tablet and want to root it. I don’t have update app or update center so I cannot run the zip file? How can I manually run it? The tablet does not have volumen -+ button, but home and power button.


  3. So clipboard clipped some text then Firefox crash ate that.

    I have been unable too root matricom iota, all winner a31s quadcore, KitKat 4.4.2 , using either flash zip or local apk.

    I am unwilling to install dubious Chinese software — even if I had a windows license as would anyprudent user be.

  4. le for kitkat?

    Matricom is unwilling to provide prior firmwares to allow regress to easily root.


    A tablet without root is of no value to me much like a phone.

    I always nuke gapps for battery performance as I rip out needless net communication (ads).

      • good morning
        i have tablet 9.7 with retina A31 of brand Freelander pd80. My probleme is that i havei not physical buttons volume +-, i have only that power and esc. All rest is tactile amazing, I am on baseband 1.2 and rooted. The lack of buttons volume + – will be a probleme for 1.32 thank you

      • Hello
        If the Sanei N10 has shopped to me. / itm / 111206131420? ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT & _ trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649

        Now I would like to have with pleasure the Chinese Apps under it and would like to know:
        1. where do I get the topical proficient product here?
        2. where I get a higher Android verse. here?
        3. is there also custom Rome like CyanogenMod 9/10/11 or AOKP?

        Where do I get custom Rome and gmoddete proficient product here?

        Here pictures to the Tablet:
        Tablet pictures (file://WOSI-PC/Users/wosi/Dropbox/Tablet-Bilder)

        It would be nice if you can help me!

        Here still the information:
        Model: Square metre
        Android: 4/1/2
        Base tape: FW8955M-V1/1/7/0
        Kernel: 3.4.0 +Build: V4.1.1.0 Sanei-V01

        Greeting wosi34

        Habe mir das Sanei N10 gekauft.

        Nun möchte ich gerne die chinesischen Apps runter haben und möchte wissen:
        1. wo bekomme ich die aktuelle Firmware her?
        2. wo bekomme ich eine höhere Android Vers. her?
        3. gibt es auch eine custom-rom wie CyanogenMod 9/10/11 oder AOKP?

        Wo bekomme ich die custom-rom und gmoddete Firmware her?

        Hier Bilder zum Tablet:
        Tablet-Bilder (file://WOSI-PC/Users/wosi/Dropbox/Tablet-Bilder)

        Wäre nett wenn du mir weiter helfen kannst!

        Hier noch die Angaben:
        Modell: N10-QM
        Android: 4.1.2
        Baseband: FW8955m-V1.1.7.0
        Kernel: 3.4.0 +Build: V4.1.1.0 Sanei-V01

        Gruß wosi34

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