Root for Onda V812 / Onda V972 and Allwinner A31 based tablets


Allwinner A31 CPU based devices such as the Onda V812 or V972 tablets current offer great performance and features for the price. While Onda released their initial firmware with root access, all the subsequent firmware releases would make you loose the root. There is always the option to use OTA RootKeeper free application by supercurio on Google Play Store, but it’s not the most convenient solution, as it requires downgrade to a rooted firmware, then upgrade again if your current does not offer root. There are better options as you will see below…


Few days ago a zip package was released to deploy root on the Onda tablets. Thesito and Tonigo70 members from Spanish forum improved the solution a bit, adding Nova launcher, some cleaning of the default Chinese apps and modifying the boot logo. As we prefer to have a simple and clean package, we modified it so it just offers root with latest SuperSU (currently 1.04) and the Chinese apps removal. This procedure is very easy to follow and just takes a few minutes to execute. It was tested to work on the Onda V812 and V972 models, but should work on other Allwinner A31 CPU based tablets as well.


9.7 inches IPS retina like display 2048x1536 pixels, Allwinner A31 quad-core CPU,2 GB RAM, Android 4.1, Dual camera
Ships out within 3 days$ 220

Root procedure details

Step 1. Download the root package

Step 2. Plug in your USB cable to your tablet and computer
If you are using USB mass storage, Turn on USB storage when you see the message on the tablet, so it can be mounted on the computer

Step 3. Copy to the root of your tablet
After the new disk drive has appeared on your computer, copy the package at the root directory of the tablet drive.
When the copy is finished, if you are using USB mass storage, “Turn off USB storage” on the tablet.

Step 4. Run Update application on the tablet

Select local update

Choose file

Step 5. Let the update run
After the tablet has installed the update and fully booted, you are rooted !

ClockworkMod Recovery (CWM) for Onda V972 and V812

If you are interested in installing CWM on your tablet, please check the details in our forum.

Thanks to thesito and tonigo70 on


  1. So clipboard clipped some text then Firefox crash ate that.

    I have been unable too root matricom iota, all winner a31s quadcore, KitKat 4.4.2 , using either flash zip or local apk.

    I am unwilling to install dubious Chinese software — even if I had a windows license as would anyprudent user be.

  2. le for kitkat?

    Matricom is unwilling to provide prior firmwares to allow regress to easily root.


    A tablet without root is of no value to me much like a phone.

    I always nuke gapps for battery performance as I rip out needless net communication (ads).

      • good morning
        i have tablet 9.7 with retina A31 of brand Freelander pd80. My probleme is that i havei not physical buttons volume +-, i have only that power and esc. All rest is tactile amazing, I am on baseband 1.2 and rooted. The lack of buttons volume + – will be a probleme for 1.32 thank you

      • Hello
        If the Sanei N10 has shopped to me. / itm / 111206131420? ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT & _ trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649

        Now I would like to have with pleasure the Chinese Apps under it and would like to know:
        1. where do I get the topical proficient product here?
        2. where I get a higher Android verse. here?
        3. is there also custom Rome like CyanogenMod 9/10/11 or AOKP?

        Where do I get custom Rome and gmoddete proficient product here?

        Here pictures to the Tablet:
        Tablet pictures (file://WOSI-PC/Users/wosi/Dropbox/Tablet-Bilder)

        It would be nice if you can help me!

        Here still the information:
        Model: Square metre
        Android: 4/1/2
        Base tape: FW8955M-V1/1/7/0
        Kernel: 3.4.0 +Build: V4.1.1.0 Sanei-V01

        Greeting wosi34

        Habe mir das Sanei N10 gekauft.

        Nun möchte ich gerne die chinesischen Apps runter haben und möchte wissen:
        1. wo bekomme ich die aktuelle Firmware her?
        2. wo bekomme ich eine höhere Android Vers. her?
        3. gibt es auch eine custom-rom wie CyanogenMod 9/10/11 oder AOKP?

        Wo bekomme ich die custom-rom und gmoddete Firmware her?

        Hier Bilder zum Tablet:
        Tablet-Bilder (file://WOSI-PC/Users/wosi/Dropbox/Tablet-Bilder)

        Wäre nett wenn du mir weiter helfen kannst!

        Hier noch die Angaben:
        Modell: N10-QM
        Android: 4.1.2
        Baseband: FW8955m-V1.1.7.0
        Kernel: 3.4.0 +Build: V4.1.1.0 Sanei-V01

        Gruß wosi34

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