Rockchip RK3288 with Mali-T760 GPU shows up on GFX Benchmark


Rockchip RK3288 processor is not far away and the first Pipo tablets are expected to ship with it before end of this month. The RK3288 is based on the ARM Cortex A17 architecture and it’s a quad core setup with speeds up to 1.8 GHz. As a GPU we have the Mali T760 graphics chip which is scalable up to 16 cores, with H.265 hardware decoding and also support for 4K x 2K resolution. On GFX Benchmark, we were able to find benchmark results that look like they are coming from RK3288 developers platfrom.


Comparing the RK3288 platform (up to 1,6Ghz, 1280×800 and 2048×1536 resolutions, 2GB RAM) with Snapdragon 800 platfrom from Oppo Find 7 (2.3Ghz, 1920×1080 resolution, 2GB RAM). Because of the big scatter in RK3288 results, only the highest results are compared:

rk3288-snapdragon-nowrmkWe can see that in a very demanding Manhattan test with OpenGL ES 3.0-specific complex lighting, particles, and deferred shading, RK3288 is a winner over the Snapdragon 800. While the high-level results are better on the RK3288, Snapdragon 800 is clearly a winner when it comes to low-level tests, probably because of the better CPU. However, what about the improvement over the RK3188? Here is the comparison table with RK3188(Archos 101XS2 device with 1.6 Ghz, 1280×800 resolution and 2GB of RAM):

rk3288-rk3188-nowrmkIn the high-level T-Rex test we can see a huge improvement of a few hundred percent, while the results for the low-level tests are not much different. Overall, we can conclude that the RK3288 will bring a big 3D graphics improvement over the RK3188 and will be able to compete with high-end Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 CPU. However, when it comes to raw CPU power, the Snapdragon 800 still has an edge in that area.

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