Rockchip RK3188 Linux 3.0.36 Kernel source published, PicUntu update on the way


Until now, devices using Rockchip latest 28 nm HKMG processors such as the RK3188 (quad-core) and RK3168 (dual-core) were missing Linux Kernel source code. Tablet hackers from Crew RKTablets managed to rebuild a Linux 3.0.36 for RK3x devices based on BQ Curie kernel sources. More recently Rikomagic has published Linux Kernel source for latest RK3188 and RK3168 SoC. Having a Linux kernel source code from the manufacturer should help independent developers improving support for RK3188 and RK3168 based devices by making changes/improving the kernel itself or compiling additional kernel modules.
Another advantage of having this source code is that is makes it possible to adapt PicUntu, a Linux Ubuntu package on newer MiniPC devices. Alok Sinha from PicUntu team has made the source code available thru his Linux3188 github repository. Based on this kernel source code and a few tweaks, we should soon see PicUntu booting on quad-core RK3188 devices 🙂


As pointed out, this kernel source code includes configurations for several devices:

  • rk3168_86v_defconfig
  • rk3188_dongle_defconfig
  • rk3188_ds1006h_defconfig
  • rk3188_ds1006h_v1_0_defconfig
  • rk3188_hotdog_defconfig
  • rk3188_LR097_defconfig
  • rk3188_magicwand_defconfig
  • rk3188_steak_defconfig

  • These product codes does not seem very clear, we can just recognized a “dongle” defconfig that may be related to MiniPC, which have no internal screen like a tablet, and a “ds1006h” that makes us think about the Pipo M9 product code.

    Tronsmart T428 MiniPC

    Rockchip 3188 CPU, Mali 400 GPU, 2 GB RAM, WIFI 802.11ac, Bluetooth

    PicUntu Linux Ubuntu package for Rockchip based MiniPCs

    First versions of PicUntu package were focused to bring Ubuntu Linux on RK3066 MiniPCs such as the MK808 or UG802 devices. Even if PicUntu isn’t particularly difficult to install and configure, JustinTime4Tea made it even simpler with a special package called PicUntu Home://io edition which comes with many pre-configured Office, games and multimedia programs.



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