Problème d’alimentation sur l’Arnova 9 G2 ?


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  1. Same power problem. It keeps shutting itself down. This thing cannot be opened.

    I managed to connect via USB, the tablet keeps shutting itself down.

    I loaded the « correct » firmware (from the Arnova site) on the SD card (as the main tablet won’t work), yet it keeps saying invalid image.

    Does anyone have a solution? ?? How can Arnova be so irresponsible selling something like this?

  2. Same power problem occured here: I left the tablet working without charger, battery was at least half-full, came back after 5 minutes….. dead.
    Reconnected charger, charging led on, tried to restart…. nope.
    Then left the machine without charger at least 1 hour: the strange thing was that it was warm and remained warm, so probably something is drawing current from the battery anyhow.
    I had to press the reset before it started again (cold boot, started with calibration)

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