Pipo shows its RK3288 range of tablets and a set-top box


Back at Hong Kong fair in March, Pipo already introduced a number of new tablets running on Intel, MediaTek and Rockchip CPUs. This time, at Computex 2014, Pipo shows even more RK3288 devices.

The new tablets come in screen sizes between 7.0 and 11.6 inch, offer Retina screens, 2GB of RAM, optional 3G and feature decent specifications. One of the new models, was the strangely shaped RK3288 set-top box.


Also, Pipo P5 Note tablet was shown for the first time, which will probably be much cheaper than the Note 10.1 model from Samsung. 😉


All devices should be available over the coming months, but the pricing still has to be announced. Here is the full 18 minutes video from Charbax walking around the booth and showing all new models, including the MediaTek phones, Windows 8 tablets and talking about the possible Chromebook from Pipo:

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