PicUntu RC3 kernel and modules released


PicUntu Linux package for RK3066 based MiniPC is improve their hardware support by releasing a new kernel together with a bunch of modules. This update brings a lot of new features such as cpufreq governors, serial devices support (FTD-SIO, pl2303, Garmin) UVC Camera support, iptables, NFS client and many other things (see complete changelog below).


Downloading PicUntu RC3 kernel and modules

PicUntu RC3 kernel and modules can be downloaded from PicUntu main server: Kernel-Recovery-3.0.8-alok-RC3 and modules-3.0.8-alok-RC3.1.tgz
These files are also available on our PicUntu mirror

Installing PicUntu RC3 kernel and modules

The new kernel is meant to be installed as a recovery image on your MiniPC, it ships in 3 flavors for different screen resolutions: VGA, 720p and 1080p.

The modules should go in /lib/modules/ so you’d need to do the following:
mkdir -p /lib/modules/3.0.8-alok+/kernel
tar xvfz modules-3.0.8-alok-RC3.tgz -C /lib/modules/3.0.8-alok+/kernel

PicUntu quick demo video on MK808 MiniPC

This video demonstrates PicUntu boot from Android (using ArcTools reboot recovery feature), PicUntu startup, web browsing using Mozilla Firefox, MP3 Playing (Rhythmbox program) and webcam support (cheese program)

Changelog – RC3 Kernel – 3.0.8-alok+

– Cleaned the previous kernel
– Removed unwanted TV Tuner cards
– Bluetooth support retained
– All cpufreq governors now available – Try userspace, and hav fun.. (Read warning below)
– Default governor Ondemand
– Added Serial modules – FTD-SIO, pl2303, Garmin – for serial devices,
– Added Phone modems – For connecting Data card dongles
– Added UVC Camera support – Many users have been asking for this
– Added oprofiler support
– Added iptables
– Added NAT/Firewall (inc GRE) support – Now you can make your PicUntu a complete firewall
– Added USB 1.0 support – remember how your old USB hubs were not being used for bootup, well they _should_ work now.
– DW_OTG debug report suppressed
– Added USB SCSI adapter – I have lots of SCSI harddisk lying around, and USB adapter for them, but they seemed not to work earlier.
– Added Pegasus network support
– FB set – all options enabled – you should have better control for fb setting.
– Added auxilary Video – If you have a USB LED,LCD screen lying around – try connecting to PIcUntu, should work. (in addition to HDMI) – required for in-car applications.
– Modules for USB Printer – now you should be able to connect USB printers to PicUntu
– Serial Modem drivers – Qualcom, NAVMAN,
– Added Joliet/UDF support – You should be able to connect USB CDROM
– NFS Client, NFS Server support for V3 , V4 added
– Ofcourse CIFS continues
– Integrated BCM40181, rtl8188eu support – so that you no longer need to separately look for modules for basic wifi
– Three graphic driver kernels – 1080p, 720, VGA are released.
– No it does not yet have support for MX1 wifi, RK802III/s – wifi – I am still hunting for the source.

Don’t hesitate to post on our PicUntu forum if you have any question.

Source: slatedroid.com forum

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