PhoenixSuit flashing tutorial for Onda V972, V812 and other Allwinner A31 based tablets


Tablettes Allwinner A31 basé (comme l’Onda V812 ou V972) actuellement offrent de grande puissance et valeur pour le prix. Ces appareils sont des produits encore jeunes qui reçoivent des mises à jour de firmware fréquents, qui sont généralement livrées à travers incrémentielles paquets OTA (autres The Air), téléchargées par le biais de WiFI sur l’application « Update ». Un autre chemin de mise à jour qui est spécialement utile pour une réinitialisation d’usine et de la firmware complet image flash à l’aide d’application Windows personnalisée de Allwinner PhoenixSuit . Ce tutoriel vous expliquera les différentes étapes avec succès une tablette basée sur le processeur Allwinner A31-Flash.phoenixsuit_ALlwinnerA31_b

Étape 1. Téléchargez et installez PhoenixSuit

Programme PhoenixSuit Windows est généralement fourni avec l’archive du firmware de votre tablette.
Pour plus de commodité, nous incluons une copie pour le téléchargement ici :

PhoenixSuit téléchargement
Installer PhoenixSuit en exécutant le programme d’installation PhoenixSuitPacket_v1.0.5.msi (le nom du fichier peut varier selon la version du programme) sur votre ordinateur. L’installateur est en chinois, mais c’est assez simple en poussant le bouton suivant (situé sur le côté droit) jusqu’à ce que l’installation se termine. Jetez un oeil sur notre vidéo ci-dessous pour voir en détail le processus d’installation.PhoenixSuit_install_b

Étape 2. Télécharger image de microprogramme pour votre tablette et chargez-le dans PhoenixSuit

Vous devez télécharger le firmware de votre appareil. Fabricants fournissent habituellement des firmwares sur leur site Web. Nous détenons également des copies aux derniers firmwares sur notre forum. Voir à la fin de cet article pour les références.

Une fois que PhoenixSuit est installé, vous pouvez charger votre firmware de la tablette. Cliquez sur le bouton bouton Firmware puis l’Image et localiser le fichier .img sur votre disque dur correspondant au firmware que vous souhaitez flash.PhoenixSuit_load_firmware

Étape 3. Mettre la tablette en mode flash

Cette étape peut sembler un peu délicate car il faut jouer avec le bouton matériel sur la tablette. Allwinner décrit la procédure à l’écran ci-dessous : phoenixsuit_ALlwinnerA31_b fondamentalement, vous devez effectuer les opérations suivantes :
  • Déconnectez le câble microUSB depuis votre tablette

  • Arrêt de la tablette, depuis Android arrêt menu, ou en appuyant sur le bouton d’alimentation pendant 10 secondes environ. L’écran de la tablette devrait être noir lorsque la tablette est désactivée.

  • Appuyez sur le bouton Home sur la tablette, branchez le câble USB micro sur la tablette, tout en gardant le bouton home enfoncé.

  • Onda_V972_flashing2_b
  • Tout en maintenant le bouton Home pressé, faites des impulsions courtes (environ la moitié une deuxième durée chaque) sur le bouton d’alimentation pendant environ 10 fois ou jusqu’à ce que vous voyez la boîte de dialogue ci-dessous sur l’ordinateur Windows.

  • Onda_V972_flashing3_bUne fois que la tablette est entré en mode flash, vous devriez voir la boîte de dialogue ci-dessous.
    PhoenixSuit_mandatory_format_b S’il vous plaît cliquez sur le bouton Oui pour autoriser le mode Format.

    Étape 4. Clignotant de la tablette



    Étape 5. Redémarrer la tablette

    Votre tablette peut commencer configuré en chinois, veuillez consulter notre vidéo (à la poste) sur la façon de le mettre en anglais.

    La vidéo ci-dessous passe par toutes les étapes de ce didacticiel clignotant.

    Onda V812 stock et racine de progiciels

    Onda V972 stock et racine de progiciels


    1. hi guys.. i am new to this forum..
      so, i accidentally closed the phoenix suite while it is upgrading my android tablet… now my tablet doesn’t turning on, it is not charging..and when i plug it to the computer it says: « USB device not recognize ».. what am i going to do to fix my tablet??
      help me please..

    2. I NEED HELP!!!! i accidentally closed phoenix suite while it is upgrading my android tablet… now my tablet doesn’t turning on, not charging.. and when i plug it to my computer it says: « USB device not recognize ».. what am i going to do to fix my tablet? please help me..

    3. Using Onda V972 V3. I tried a chinese image and got frustrated, then I accidentally installed V1 on my V3. Don’t do that. Now I have the English V3 with SuperSu Root. Wow – Fast and Slim – No bloatware. I tried several things and they work so far. I even like the keyboard. Not sure If I want to update to the google keyboard though… PhoenixSuit Flasher is up to 1.10 and works great. I thought my Onda was dead before this firmware update – now it’s like a new tablet. Thanks guys!! You Rock!!

    4. This worked perfectly With my Archos 9.7 platinum HD. After installing phonenix it asked me to update to the newer version, which i did.
      Now I’m the happiest owner of this tablet. Its more than 10 times faster, with 4 times the amount of apps installed than before. Great tutorial for which I’m eternally greatful. Happy!, happy!, happy!.

    5. I have Shinco Mini8 7.95 inch (Kit Kat), just bought it today and wanted to root it. I was told that I can try v818 which is compatible. However, I don’t have a selection for Debug Mode and there is no Home button, only On/Off and Volume Up And Down. Please assist.

    6. Hey! I really need help! I have a China Tablet, Allwinner A13, I wanted to uploaded to android 4.2 and when it reboot it didn{t work the touch screen, then I wanted to load de recovery mode with de Phoneix Suit and it works but now, I doesn´t load android, just recovery mode. HEEELLPPP


    7. Hey guys, I have an Onda V972 that I am trying to flash. When I get to the step of putting the tablet in a flsh mode, I hold the home button, plug it, and then start pressing the home button simultaneously, I get a « Windows » dialog box saying that the device was detected and will try to install the software (Windows basic procedure when you plug in a new device). However; PhoenixSuit doesn’t seem to detect the device at all. I’ve tried this step many times, and PhoenixSuit will not detect my tablet.
      Any help please!!?

      • Same here. Any help would be great. I keep the home button pressed, plug in the usb cable and hit power about 10 times. Then I hear a windows sound but and it says found new hardware and wants to install drivers. Phoenixsuit never sees the tablet.

    8. I have just bought the Ainol Novo 9 and am really enjoying it so far. Before I use this guide, I wanted to double check something – do I just go ahead and flash using the custom rooted firmware and this guide, or do I need to backup stock first? (I remember a friend rooting his HTC and needed do save the nand first). Basically, can you return to stock at any point using this guide? Thanks 🙂

    9. I am total new be here but I really would like to thank you guys for creating this thread.grandpa went to china two weeks ago and bouth this thing there for my 5 years old:) and we were confused with the Chinese apps, not seeing real google store on v973- now everything is ok.
      One thing tough – I gues this does not relate to the firmware – when I try to install the despicable me game it says you need to free 76 more mb- bu th the storage is completely empty 🙂

    10. I have installed latest (3.2 firm). Now I can’t flash anymore. I try to go to flash mode but computer does’n open the dialog box ans says no device attached. I would like to use rooted firm. Device manager say that device can’t start. Usb charges so it should not be broken.Any ideas, thx?

    11. Thank you so much.
      I watched the video about 30 times before attempting the download, and followed your video step-by-step.
      Worked like a charm, but….. I inadvertently installed the SAME android operating system.
      Got the CORRRECT file, followed the same process, and now I’m up and running Android 4.2.2, firmware 3.2
      Things booted up fine, but the boot up screen is now some Asian woman! Seriously, Onda?
      Thanks again

    12. Hi All,

      I have V801 Onda tablet. When ever I connect the PhoenixSuit and try update the firmware « V801Core4-V2_v2.0.img », the suit says  » NO DEVICE TO UPGRADE ».
      My tablet reads – Android 4.1.1 & kernel ver -3.3.0.
      All i need is to reinstall the firmware or upgrade it so that it comes back to normal . Currently its not showing the internal memory.

      Can any one please help.


    13. Hi guys! first of all thank you for the work you do!
      i have an Onda v818 mini (A31S quad core), i’ve tried to flash it and the format dialogue box appeared, i started the format, it was all fine before the usb cable fell out of the port on the tablet and everything shut down. after this i failed to initiate the flsh mode back again, gave it a few attempts but the tablet just stays power off and doesn’t react at all. What can i possibly try to do?
      thanks in advance!

    14. Hello everybody
      i have two firmware for two Chinese tablets they have the same possessor ram all things is same ,just a camera and the screen is not the same …
      the first onda firmware (rom ) is good and much better than the original firmware for my android tablet …. and i try to install it and it s working well .. but i have two problems the camera and touch screen didn’t work ….

      so how can do to fix this problems .. … what i should take from the original ROM to make it on the other ROM ?
      or can you do it for me ?? i can send the two roms…
      please tell me what i should do for any questions i am here to answer thanks ….

      • Please check our forum, there are firmwares for Onda tablets in different hardware versions (V1, V2, V5…)
        Using the wrong firmware may cause the tablet not to work, or just experience partial problems such as the camera/touch screen…
        Please ask directly in our forum if you have further problems.

    15. hi,
      i need help and I am new in this forum. I am not that echy guy regardign to tablet. hopefully you cna help me with with this. I have a KNC MD1003 tablet and I have an issue with its firmware. I was told that I have to update the firmware but the problem is I do not know how since it is very tricky for me. The device kept on rebooting itself and restarting showing its manufac logo or square logo on its screen. Anyone can help me with the steps by step on reflashing it? Does the steps above is applicable to my brand? All your help is very much appreciated

      Thank you,

    16. I have my V972 rooted. It still runs 1.20 that was there when I bought it. My problem is that I cannot install 1.21, 1.32 or 1.33 through PhoenixSuit. I run Windows7 and disabled firewall and virusscanner. When I do the acrobatic USB-trick with the two fingers and I click format, the « upgrade » button greys out but nothing happens afterwards. Does anyone have a suggestion? Thanks.

    17. Hi guys please help
      I’m new to this forum and I’m trying to update my tablet ONDA V972 firmware
      and it says that I need to download

      step 1 Download and install PhoenixSuit

      step 2 Download firmware image for your tablet and load it in PhoenixSuit

      but I cannot find firmware image for ONDA V972

      please help can you explain to me where can I get this image or can someone provide the link where can I get this

      I watch the videos couple times but I still don’t get it where can I get this image as I said please can anyone explain to me or provide a link

      thank you in advance

    18. good morning
      i haver tablet 9.7 with retina A31 of brand Freelander pd80. My probleme is that i have not physical buttons volume +-, only the power and esc. All rest is tactile amazing, I am on baseband 1.2 and rooted. The lack of buttons volume + – will be a probleme for 1.32 thank you

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