Mise à jour majeure de firmware pour Onda V972 and V812 Allwinner A31 tablets (également pour ARCHOS Platinum)


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  1. Hello All,

    I have a maybe a very « green » idea. I have an Archos 97 Platinum HD tablet. It looks like by googling that it is nothing else but a rebranded Onda v972.

    I would be quite happy with my baby, however, apart from the RMA issue (in other topic) I have very annoying software (OS) problems. It has the official Android 4.1.1 version (and firmware) based on the 3.3.0 kernel. It has the proper hardware but OS does not seem to support processor cores and GPU. It is way slower than my ZTE Blade (running CM10.1, Android 4.2.3). Games I do not care too much but those run really awful. Even Acrobat Reader (or other) pdf readers behave funny. Battery is drying out very quickly. When pages are displayed in normal scale all is good, but when I zoom in even just a tiny bit, displaying slows down and nealrly impossible to work normally, and I could continue forever.

    I heard, someone trying Archos 4.1.1 firmware on Onda v972 and was happy because archos software appeared more stable.

    Anyway, I would love to to replace my archos software to an Onda FW (especially custom firmware, with which I have very good experiance) or any custom rom, and I trust more CM and latest OS versions.

    Do you think it is feasible? Is it possible to use Onda v972 FW on Archos Platinum 97HD?

    I really appreciate the awesome work you guys do with ROM/FW/Android customisation, and would love to help if I could. Keep up the good work and appreciate if you could help.

    Thank you!


  2. Hi guys, I really need your help! I made the terrible mistake to flash my Onda V972 V1 with the firmware of Onda V973 V1. This cause a problem even if I reflashed it with the right firmware, screen touch is not working right. I need help to downgrade the kernel to previews version. When I used Phoenixsuit to flash the device , the kernel did’t change. How can I flash only the Kernel?
    Please help me guys!

  3. […] Ci sono diverse novità interessanti da segnalare, e la più importante riguarda la stabilità del sistema, ora migliorata al punto tale che è possibile overclockare la CPU fino a 1.2Ghz senza incorrere in blocchi e freeze occasionali. Per farlo servono i permessi di root, ma sono già in rete delle custom build compilate sulla base del nuovo firmware che permettono di farlo aggiungendo inoltre altre funzionalità utili a noi occidentali (come l’accesso completo al Google Play e la rimozione delle apps cinesi pre installate). Una di questa è la release “kasty” di arctablet.com. […]

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