[Update] New Arnova models Arnova 7 and Arnova 84 tablets


[Update] Arnova 7 and Arnova 84 product pages are now online on Arnova website. Please visit us again soon for a complete review of these tablets.

Arnova has just released to the press two new tablets named Arnova 7 and Arnova 84.

There are not many technical details about the product in the press release, but we can expect entry level tablets pretty much like the Arnova 8 (review) and Arnova 10 (review). Still, the press release mentions Angry Birds running on the Arnova 7, which may be a sign of a faster CPU (Rockchip 2918 ?) than the good old Rockchip RK28xx slowly running on the Arnova 8 and 10.
(That’s so funny, the PR company just modified the Press Release and removed the mention of Angry Birds being supported, so we may, unfortunately, expect a slow RK28xx processor on the Arnova 7).
Inital Press Release  /  Edited Press Release
Good job Arnova/Archos, good job Mediasoft Communications 😉

  Arnova 7 Arnova 84
Screen 7 inches resistive 8.4 inches
(4/3 ratio)
Operating System Android 2.2 (Froyo) Android 2.1 (Eclair)
Retail price 99 euros 129 euros

These models should be available in June 2011 at the following retailers:
– UK: Ekab 8, Comet , Baltine, AMP3, Beaumex, ASDA and Micro P.
– Germany: MediaMark, Saturn, EP, Expert, Karstadt, Conrad, amazon and MSH.
– Benelux: PhotoHall, MediaMarkt, Saturn, Vanden Borre, Dixons, Paradigit, Computerland, Coolblue
– France: Darty, Fnac, Boulanger, Auchan, Casino, Conforama, Electrodepot, Leclerc, Cora, Pixmania,
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– Spain: ECI, MediaMark, Saturn, The Phone House, Erowski, Leclerc, Pixmania and Mediamarkt
– Portugal: The Phone House, Pixmania
– Greece: MediaMark, Saturn, Dixon, Public

Expect a complete review for the Arnova 7 and Arnova 84 from us soon… maybe with a custom firmware with Android Market and root 😉

Thanks to Jbmm.fr and Archoslounge.net for the news.


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