MPMan MID74c (NATPC Primatab 7″) tablet review part 3: multimedia and HD video playing capabilities (Boxchip Allwinner A10)



  1. I can not find Google play magazine in my tablet.
    I made my account in gmail, but I can not download Google play magazine either tablet or computer.
    Continuously writes me that didn’t sее a drive and returned to the previous page of the site. What саn I do?

  2. Hi , Admin !
    I`m interested of this tablet because it is a cheapest tablet ever in my conutry Bulgaria. Many people bought him , and they say « tablet is a perfect for 220 leva (local carency in BG) 99 euros. Before realease of the tablet maybe I buy a Prestigio PMP 7070C (Archos 70IT) but I like MPMAN more than Prestigio . And in next weeks I buy one 🙂
    (Sory for my bad english)

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