Minor sunday stuff #1 (Arnova 10c G3 and more interesting stuff)


Sometimes, we get news that we would like to mention and give attention to, but that are not worth writing a whole blog article. So meet here the minor sunday stuff! A weekly(well, we will skip it sometimes ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) collection of some minor announcements, FCC revealings, interesting leak outs and other stuff. Written in the same style as currently not that popular Discussing Archos articles, this could actually eventually replace them and we hope you will like them. Let’s start with:

The ChildPad going white.

Just in case you are currently looking to get one, maybe you will like the whitened version more?

It’s tabeo, looks just like a whitened ChildPad to us. Stupid us saw it turning up in Toys R US, but we didn’t do anything with it, then it disappeared and now we don’t have any other product images to share with you. The one from above comes from Appslib. Now we mentioned new models, what do you think of an Arnova 10c G3?

We found it in the same webshop where we found the Arnova 7h G3 being offered, click here for the 10c G3 source. That page is actually quite weird, the only way you can reach it is via Google, internal search engine won’t let you access it. Speaking about the letter c, do you know that Archos was actually planning to release the 10b G3 named as 10c G2? Well, now you do:

And no, it’s not worth for a webshop to fake an image. Thanks to the reseller from Estonia! Now we mentioned the 7h G3 which passed the FCC a few days ago, we would also like to spend some attention on Prestigio models. The Multipad 7.0 Prime is actually just being announced and our specsheet from July was actually pretty close. Prestigio missed the “time to market” and the battery has shrinked 200 mAh, but still.

While we didn’t spend much time on the 7.0 Pro last month, now it turns out to be quite an interesting model. Why? Here is the answer:

In case you missed it, it says there that this thing will run on a Telechips Cortex A5 processor. This thing should be announced(well, there is not much left to announce ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) later this month and who knows, maybe we will see it later on in the Arnova G3/G4 line-up.

Stay tuned for more. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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