Android Market et root sur votre Arnova 7b G2 DT (Dual Touch) avec le EZ custom firmware (v1.12)


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  1. Hi. this worked for me, and I was very happy with it..but now my tablet wont charge anymore!! I still have warranty, but now I did this i guess i dont have warranty anymore.. how can i delete play store and stuff? How can i get back to the original settings??? Cuz i know i cant give this tablet to company to repair it with Play store etc on it?? 🙁

      • Hi, i used arctools to install the firmware on my 7b g2 (capacitive touch). No problems at all except one. The g-sensor doesn’t work properly on apps i’ve downloaded with google play.

        if i download labyrinth with appslib, then is everything ok. But when i download it with google play ( tried a clean download, but also an update on the appslib version) the g-sensor doesn’t work properly. If i tilt horizontal, the game tilts vertical and vice versa.

        Is it possible to fix this? I think it will be only a minor change in a config file or something, but it will mess up the appslib version probably ( which is ok for me, i’ll only download apps from google play then)

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