Mangoobeat natural Mango Wood acoustic smartphone dock review


While our site is dedicated to Android devices and accessories, we sometimes like to check original products that we found interesting. This time we are reviewing a natural acoustic smartphone dock, made to amplify the sound without needing any battery or power supply. The product is called Mangoobeat, named after the natural mango wood used to build the dock. While the wood imported from Thailand, the company behind the MangooBeat seem to have put special efforts in making the handicraft production eco-friendly. This review covers the medium sized model (35 cm high x 10 cm diameter).


The product comes packaged in a plastic tube, holding the Mangoobeat dock.

The package comes with a soft bag pouch in cotton, that is great to carry the Mangoobeat for outdoor activities.

Mangoobeat design

The Mangoobeat has a very simple design, it looks like a bi-conical piece of wood. The bottom part is cut to make sure the dock stands on a flat surface, it also features some kind of signature from the craftsman.



The wood piece has an opening in the middle where the phone or portable media player is inserted. The opening is covered by a strip of leather that will make sure the phone stays in place and also improves phonic isolation.

The Mangoobeat design requires that the speaker part of the phone fits inside the wood tube. If the speaker on the playing device is not located at the bottom, it requires to turn the phone upside down.


According to Mangoobeat the dock is compatible with most smartphones and media players on the market, for example: Apple Iphone (1,2,3,4), Galaxy S2, Galaxy Nexus, Xperia Arc S and Blackberry Bold 9900.

Different models website shows many variations of the product, offering many colors and designs in 3 sizes.

Sizes and prices are the following:

S size (25×8 cm)M size (35×10 cm)XXL size (100×15 cm)
24.90 euros39.90 euros189.90 euros


The Mangoobeat amplifies the sound using natural resonance inside the dock like in an acoustic guitar body. The sound reverberates off the mango wood and goes out amplified on the two cone ends. The sound actually comes louder but is a little changed in the process, loosing a bit of high pitch and getting some echo. You can’t expect high fidelity but we found the amplified sound quite pleasant. It’s important to keep in mind that the acoustics also highly depends on the quality of the playing device speaker.

It’s not easy to experience the amplification produced by the Mangoobeat from a video, but we have tried a quick demo to give an idea of the sound. We also used a sonometer during the tests to show the sound level improvement.


According to the company making the Mangoobeat, each dock is produced from a single piece of mango wood, fully handmade product from Thailand. The main material comes from fruitless trees that are harvested for wood. The product benefits from the Thai label OTOP (One Tambon One Product) promoting local production in each Thai tambon (subdistrict). Manufacturing such products provides additional revenue for mango farmers and supports the local community.


Listening to music using a piece of wood is smart idea, the simple and nice looking design of the Mangoobeat makes a great piece of Lo-tech electricity-free “speaker”. The sound isn’t exactly high fidelity but we found it quite enjoyable on the devices we used in the test (Google Nexus One, ARCHOS 43 IT and Ipod)
We’ll hopefully see a model for tablets soon 🙂

  • simple and stylish design, each piece is unique
  • nice lo-tech, no battery, no wires, no connectors
  • eco-friendly designed product
  • dimensions limited to certain phones, no tablet support
  • limited sound boost, perfectible acoustics

Product page:

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