LILA Home Automation project on Kickstarter


Following the succesful Webee campaign on, LILA is another home automation project on Kickstarter. On a few points, it is quite simillar to the Archos Smart Home, but there are a few differences between the two. For example, Archos sensors are smaller in size, include cameras and temperature sensors.

The LILA system contains four objects – the Connect, the Phonic, the Sensor and the Juice. Lila is even more modular than the Archos Smart Home with no need to get the starter pack – you can start with any amount of modules you want and add more later on.


The Sensor is simillar to the Movement Tag from Archos and can notify you whether your doors are opened or closed. It is waterproof and with the price of 15£ for two sensors, it is about half the price of the movement tags, though you will still need to buy the Lila Connect for monitoring your home from the web. The only thing the LILA sensors lack is a motion sensor, so when the object is moved, you will not get a notification.


The Phoic is a nicely designed cube which brings audible alerts to the LILA System. Whether you just want a simple alarm siren, or something a bit different, the LILA Phonic can deliver! When you’re at home you can set the LILA Phonic to play a soft notification chime when certain LILA Sensors are triggered. In addition to the audible functionality there are also two built in motion detectors, allowing the LILA Phonic to act as a standalone security system if required.


Another thing, it can also be used as a source of light. You can set the LILA Phonic to glow when it detects movement (turning it into the perfect nightlight), or you could turn it on permanently for some funky mood lighting. 😉 You can even set it to turn on automatically at set times while you’re away. The lighting colour can be set straight from the LILA App.


One last thing, when you’re not using the LILA Phonic for security it also doubles up as a Bluetooth speaker (with two high quality Tang Band drivers) allowing you to stream music straight from your phone. It also has a 3.5mm jack input so you can play music from non-Bluetooth devices such as an iPod. The price? It will cost you 95£, but we don’t find it overpriced. 

LILA Juice is the alternative for the smart plugs from Archos.


The 32£ LILA Juice features two Smart sockets which can be monitored and controlled straight from the LILA App. In addition to the two Smart sockets the LILA Juice also has two additional pass-through sockets so you can power ‘always on’ devices such as a WiFi Router or Set-top box. There is also an USB port which is perfect for charging phones or tablets.

Finally, there is the Connect, priced at 35£. The LILA Connect has been designed to give you a remote connection to your LILA System. With the LILA connect, you are able to check and control your LILA Juice Smart sockets from anywhere and receive all kind of notifications from LILA Phonic or LILA sensors.


Another advantage of the system, is the mesh networking for unlimited range. As long as each LILA Device is within range of another, they will daisy chain the connection, giving you live information from all over your home. And just like Archos Smart Home, LILA is compatible with the Tasker app for advanced users. Unfortunately, the LILA pack is currently less open than the Archos alternative with no support for 433 Mhz devices and less accessories.

Sounds interesting? Check out the Kickstarter page for more info! 😉

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