Installer Google Play (Android Market) sur l’ Arnova 10 G2 en moins de 10 minutes avec le EZ custom firmware


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  1. Evening guys,

    just a quick cry of help I have before successfully installed the playstore using the ten minute method but for some reason on my sons 10g2 when i click on the firmware tab its blank with no option to use the EZ Firmware. any help much appreciated

  2. Salut les gars / Hi dude !

    J’ai bien su télécharger le market sur la 10b g2 mais celui-ci n’a que très peu d’applications : 4 ou 5. Je ne comprends pas d’où vient le problème ?? merci d’avance !

    I’ve dwl the market on my 10b g2 but this one has only 4 or 5 apps and I don’t know why ?! thx

  3. Hello,
    I have a Arnova 10 G2 8GB with officila 4.0.3 ICS installed.
    I’ve tried the ArcTool 0.8 and I cannot choose the firmaware shown in video (Nothing proposed).
    Could you help me to install Play Store?
    Is it possible to install it without root or changing the firmware?
    If not, could you tell me how to flash the device?

    Thank you very much

  4. Hi
    I have downloaded the app to my 10 g2 but when I try and download from the firmware section it gives me an error message error 95… something about not being able to access the archive and to check my device is not mounted on a USB – which it is not… can you help?

    • hi there i was having the same problem then i figured i was doing it wrong.. so when you open arctool go to firmware. sellect test version 1.2ez let it download files. when finish and this is the tricky bit it will finish unpacking. once finished unpacking just turn of tablet,,, dont press download and get you error message , just turn it of, when it reboots it will as if you wanna install new image say yes and it will reboot again. this time it should (and i was getting same message as you) it should reboot properly and install the files.. hope this helped, and remember after it unpackes the files in arctool do not press anything else just turn tablet of

  5. I have a arnova 10 G2 4gb
    Installed the Kasty firmware. Problem is getting a message like « SDcard full flag … » .
    After erase nand flash etc the message did not disappear.
    After installing a 32GB SDHC SD card nothing changed.
    How can i get rid off that message of a « full SD card » ?
    I hope anybody can give me a solution.

  6. I just bought a Arnova 10 G2. It is used and I am having trouble getting the wi fii to authenticate when I try to use the wireless (AT&T) at my home…I also have the goodle play.(white bag) but when I go to apps and try to use them…it says that the goodle play is not connected to my email…can someone help me to resolve these issues?

  7. I installed it and restarted my tablet, but when I turned it back on, it says « There is a new update » « Install or cancel » but it doesnt let me press install or cancel so I cant even access my tablet. Help?

  8. Hello Admin,

    I have the Arnova 10b G2 and I tried to get access to google play.

    I followed the instruction from the video. I Installed Arctools 0.67. After that I Download « Default Apps & Market v3.3.4 ». That seems to workbut when I hit the « Install apps » button error 28(cannot Create temporary directory) and error 20 (fout bij kopieren bestand) appears.

    I Also tried « Custom Firmware (codename Kasty EZ) download ». But than I receive a pop up with « Invalid firmware do yo want to delete or not ».

    What should I do to get Google play running?

  9. hello I’m Dutch I hope you understand

    I’ve downloaded it was good, but if you are with the market (google play store) gmail you need to fill up it does not very often I’ve tried and I’ve already got a gmail account, I just can not come into the market what should I do
    help me

  10. Geweldig, geweldig, geweldig!! (i`m dutch… Geweldig means Great)

    You see, i`m very thankfull for this firmware. Works super!

    But my browser stops a few seconds after loading a page… That`s a problem… How can i solve this? Have already clear the data.




    Of course it is my fault and I was stupid doing this, but I only tried the flash because I did see that there was an unbrick tool. In my case and several other cases the unbrick doesn’t work. See the forum notes.

    By the way: The flash went fine, and everything seemed to work. Only after a shutdown, the tablet got bricked.


  12. All of this is for the Arnova 10G2 4gb tablets….So I used the EZ install with version kasty-ez_arn10g2-23-11 2 weeks ago and had absolutely no issues at all. Play Store worked great with all the apps. Today I am fixing my mothers tablet and I use version kasty-ez_arn10g2-23-111 and it initially bricked my tablet. Needless to say after many forum views and a few hours later, I was able to unbrick it and install kasty-ez_arn10g2-23-111. At first Play Store would only show 3-4 apps. I tried all the Market fix procedures and nothing worked. So I decided to go back to my original tablet that is working and I took the version from 2 weeks ago and substituted it on the tablet, used arctools to reset market and then one reset later…All apps are in the Play Store.

    So to whomever changed the versions thinking it would help, Please Please Please change it back to kasty-ez_arn10g2-23-11 so others don’t run into the same trouble I did. I really appreciate the firmware and all the solutions found on this forum. You all rock!

  13. Firstly, thanks for doing all of this!

    I’ve followed all of the steps successfully on my Arnova 10 G2, including the fix for missing apps in the Market Place. However, no app in the Market can be installed — every single one displays the message « Your device isn’t compatible with this item ».

    Also, as an aside, a search for YouTube (as shown in the video) does not return any results for the official app.


  14. I added this update to my new tablet and all worked fine, I had access to android market but there were very few apps in it. I followed the instructions but am now faced with ‘server error’ every time I try to access the market any ideas?

  15. Hi – please help!
    I used the video above to install the market place on my Arnova 10 G2 8GB and it all worked fine.
    However, i bought my son the same tablet and did exactly the same thing BUT at the final stage, the tablet won’t reboot.
    I cannot turn it on now!!!

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