Improved Archos 7HTv2 Android 2.1 (Eclair) firmware with Market and Root (Version 2011.18)


hvdwolf and birdiebnl from Archosfans forum built a greatly improved Android 2.1 Eclair firmware with Android Market and root for Archos 7HTv2, thanks a lot for your great work.


Please note that this firmware is valid only for Archos 7 HT v2 and will not work on v1.
If you are not sure on which version you have, please check our Archos 7 HT v1/v2 page.

If you have an Archos 7 HT v1 please visit our dedicated firmware page.

This custom firmware brings Android Market and root access to your Archos 7 HT v2 tablet.

Android Market installation will require to apply Android Market fix to make sure all applications are visible.


– Download (Version 2011.18 from 02 December 2011)
– Connect your Archos 7HTv2 to your computer thru USB cable
– Extract update.img from the zip archive and copy update.img file to the root of your Archos 7 HTv2 device (either the device storage or the SDCard)
– Unmount your USB connection to your computer
– The following popup should show, asking to update the firmware

– Follow the instructions
– After the system is installed and everything is configured, you may want to apply Android Market fix to make sure all applications are visible.

Release information from the firmware author

Version 2011.18 02 December 2011
– Fixed not working wireless (one stupid typo in default.prop)
– Further identical to 2011.17

download it here.
Note: This is the last Eclair version I made unless a terrible bug shows up. Froyo and Gingerbread are the way forward.

Version 2011.17 26 November 2011
Changelog (Only some minor updates.):
– removed aldiko 1.2. The current aldiko 2.x (market) now works fine on the A7HTV2
– Replaced standard launcher with ADW launcher
– Removed root explorer. It is now a paid application
– Now use Open Intents file manager
– Updated MVPS hosts file
– Added TitaniumBackup
– Added another calibration.apk that allows you “to escape” in case calibration fails. (I have a bad screen, mine always fails)

Version 2011.16 22 April 2011
* rom with a standard read-only /system.
* reimplemented the normal/fullscreen switch. With a normal read-only rom this is not possible so I implemented a trick to do it.

Version 2011.15 13 April 2011
* removed aufs.ko meaning that the system partition is no longer read-writable. aufs.ko is not as stable as I expected and incorrectly mentioned.
* improved performance, most possibly also due to removed aufs.ko.
* much faster boot sequence (due to removal of aufs.ko which needed to be loaded and inventarize possible changes).

Still the same: full google apps and market

Version 2011.14 12 April 2011
* Increased performance due to more aggressive lowmemorykiller settings and JIT settings.
* removed boot animation (gets boring).
* slightly faster boot sequence (skipped bootanimation and framework copying).
* Some apps removed (can be downloaded from market).
* Google sync settings set to yes.
* MVPS hosts file updated.

Still the same: full google apps and market, normal/fullscreen switch possible “on the fly”, rw-system partition due to aufs.ko (stable on eclair, not on froyo)

download it here.
Version 2011.13 skipped (I’m not superstitious but maybe some users are. Changed that version number just before uploading).

Version 2011.12 04 March 2011
* Updated the hosts file from MVPS HOSTS project.
* Added scripts, to be used from Gscript, to be able to use applications in fullscreen mode (and switch back later). See the new wiki page for explanation.
* Added a script, to be used from Gscript, to copy your modified /sdcard/wpa_supplicant.conf.adhoc to the correct location (/data/misc/wifi). Also see the new wiki page for explanation.

Version 2011.11 01 March 2011
* Modified hosts file from MVPS HOSTS project. This blocks (reroutes) 99% of all banners, 3rd party Cookies, ads, etc in your browser (even the one on This was actually already added in 2011.10
* Ad-hoc networking: Added Adhocable and template adhoc file. Set correct /data/misc folder attributes.
Minor glitch: First configure your normal WiFi connection. Then switch off your A7, switch it on again and now Adhocable should work. You first need to edit the wsupplicant.conf.adhoc file yourself and add the correct data. Then make a backup (third option) of your settings first. The wpa_supplicant.conf.adhoc file can be found in /data/misc/wifi and in /sdcard (for easy editing with something like TED editor). If you edit the /sdcard version you need to copy it over the /data/misc/wifi version using RootExplorer.
* Added boot animation to replace boring “ARCHOS Entertainment your way” 1-image animation. It took some time before I understood how this worked and had created one, and then I found one 10 times as nice as mine.
* Added MarketUpdater.apk again. This apk will update your market app to the latest version.

Version 2011.10 27 February 2011
* Partly rewritten. I’m using the aufs.ko from Xaueious (Thank you) to make the system partition read-writable. This is done in /data (500MB space).
* Added cifs.ko as well. cifs.ko makes it possible to mount windows/cifs/samba shares. Thanks again to Xaueious.
* Added patched framework.jar like Birdiebnl described to make the market function “endlessly” (a very big THANK YOU to Birdiebnl).
* Removed appslib and put it in APK/Common folder section like the original Archos zips.
* Updated youtube.apk, added GScript.apk, added up-to-date Google Maps and Street.
* Changed bootlogo (see bottom of this post) to something more interesting (I think).
* Set sticky bit also to busybox and toolbox in system.img, boot.img and recovery.img for rooted access.

Version 2011.09 26 February 2011 (Birdiebnl ROM)
Based on 2011.08, fixed the strange error during boot.

Version 2011.08 26 February 2011 (Birdiebnl ROM)
Based on 2011.07, tryed to fix the androidId issue.

Version 2011.07 22 February 2011 (Birdiebnl ROM)

version 2011.06 29 January 2011
Identical to 2011.05.1 but based on new Archos firmware 1.0.1 as released on 28 January 2011.

version 2011.05.1 25 January 2011
Identical to the 2011.05 apart from the fact that I removed MarketUpgrader.apk to make sure that market continues to function. See explanation here.

version 2011.05 24 January 2011
Based upon: original Archos Home Tablet 7 Version 2 rom dumped from device as described here.
General: modified rooted boot.img, modified rooted system.img
Packed applications:
* Google Market (no gmail, no maps; download the latest from the market). Lefeudedieu: merci beaucoup pour votre aide.
* Rootexplorer
* QSystemInfoPro
* New version 2 appslib
* Superuser.apk + su binary
* Aldiko 1.2.10
* ES File Explorer
* Youtube.apk.

What’s new:
* Google Market
* Rootexplorer
* QSystemInfoPro

Setup your WiFi before you start market. After your google id has been verified, market seems to close. Long press the top-left “home” softbutton and switch again to market. It’s doing it’s first synchronization which takes quite long.

ToDo: Market only works for about 30-60 minutes. After that no downloads are possible any more.

version 2011.04 21 January 2011
Based upon: original Archos Home Tablet 7 Version 2 rom dumped from device as described here.
General: modified rooted boot.img, modified rooted system.img
Packed applications: New version 2 appslib, Superuser.apk + su binary, Aldiko 1.2.10, ES File Explorer, Google Maps, Youtube.apk.

What’s new:
– Implemented ChainsDD Superuser.apk. This app allows to give super user rights to your applications, like Titanium backup, RootExplorer and so on.
– Appslib now works again.
– new update.img files can now be installed the “normal way” by copying them onto the device. (note: to replace the 2011.03 custom rom you need to flash it the hard way).
– A few more busybox softlinks.

– Google apps. I can’t get them to work.

version 2011.03 17 January 2011
Based upon: original Archos Home Tablet 7 Version 2 rom dumped from device as described here.

What’s inside the update.img:
– rooted system image
– modified boot image
– lots of softlinks to busybox for terminal workers
– Added youtube, efs-filemanager, google maps, aldiko, correct Archos appslib as “system” apps

– created xbin folder and copied sh inside xbin folder with attributes 06775
– modified default.prop inside boot.img

You can find other firmwared and informations on your device in our Archos 7HTv2 Archive

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