The presence of Android Status Bar can be a problem for some applications that do not activate the full screen mode, such as Amazon Kindle ebook reader. We have added the ability to hide and show the Android Status Bar in our Arctools application. This solution requires Arctools version 0.66 or a more recent version and a rooted firmware.

Hide / Show Android Status Bar procedure demonstration video


Step 1. Install Button Savior (or other soft keys application)

We recommend that you install before going further, you install an application that can substitute the regular Android Status bar. A good option is Button Savior (Root) that is available for free in Google Play/Android Market.

Step 2. Download and install Arctools

You will need latest Arctools version (0.66 or later). You can download and install Arctools from Appslib or from here: com.arctablet.arctools.apk.

Step 3. Using Arctools

Start Arctools
Go to Settings tab

Step 4a. Hide the Android Status Bar

Select your choice in the list Hide/Show Status bar:

Select Hide

You should get a Superuser request: Select allow

Step 4b. Show the Android Status Bar

To restore the Android Status Bar, go in Arctools again, and select Show in the list.

Thanks to petrus from for the tip


  1. Hello
    with last release 0.78
    the HIDE status bar and hide button bar functions do not work anymore on ARCHOS GEN8 70 IT 250 GB.
    I hope you can repair very soon , I need to hide status bar !!!

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