Android Market et root sur votre Arnova 8b G2 DT (Dual Touch) avec le EZ custom firmware (v1.12)


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  1. Thank you very much: I’ve installed it; it works fine ! I’m grateful to you for giving me the chance to have a really better tablet !

    I’ve got just a question (thought I think it doesn’t depend on the modified firmware): why my AN8G2DT loses sometimes it’s calibration ?


  2. Would it be ok to assume that this would also work on an Arnova 10b G2 DT as well? I am also assuming that I would just have to follow the steps shown in the tutorial, despite their device being a 7b g2. Thanks for the clarification. Also arctools doesn’t seem to work on the 10b g2. It downloads fine but gets errors on every package when I try to install them.

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