Flashing your Arnova G2, Arnova G3, Rockchip RK29xx/RK30xx based tablet with Rockchip flashing tool


This procedure should help you to flash Arnova G2, Arnova G3 or any tablet based on a Rockchip RK29xx CPU (such as the RK2918) or Rockchip RK30xx (such as the RK3066) using RKBatchTool.exe Rockchip low level flashing tool. It is especially useful for bricked device that do not boot anymore and can’t use the regular flashing method. If you have an Archos 7 Home Tablet, an Arnova first generation tablets or a device using the Rockchip RK2818 processor, please use the older Rockchip RK28xx flashing method.

1. Preliminary steps:

  • Download and unpack the firmware you want to flash, please get the official firmware for your device if you want to restore the tablet as stock or use a custom firmware.
  • Download and unpack Rockchip_Batch_Tool_v1.7.zip (latest Rockchip Flasher tool version 1.7)
  • Shutdown the tablet, you may want to wait for a few seconds to make sure it does not restart
  • Execute the flashing tool RKBatchTool.exe on your computer
    On Windows Vista or Windows Seven, you will have to Right Click on the program and select Run as Administrator

2. Entering /recovery flashing mode on the tablet

You need to put the device in flashing/recovery mode to transfer the firmware firmware to the tablet with Rockchip tool.
The general idea is to put a paper clip in the reset pinhole of the tablet, combined with a button press. You first need to push the reset, holding it for a few seconds then press the activation button (depends on the tablet model) while holding the reset for a few seconds, then release the activation button and the reset.

On the Arnova 10 G2, Arnova 10b G2, Arnova 10b G3:

push the Volume + button on your tablet and keep the button pressed while you insert a paperclip in the RESET pinhole. Keep the paperclip pushing the reset and the Volume + button pressed for about 15 seconds. The tablet screen should turn black.

On the Arnova 9 G2 :

insert a paperclip in the Reset pinhole of the tablet and press the Menu button

On the Arnova 9 G3 and ARCHOS 97 Carbon

insert a paperclip in the Reset pinhole of the tablet and press the Home button

On the Arnova 8 G2:

insert a paperclip in the Reset pinhole of the tablet and press the Power button

On the Arnova 7 G2:

put the Power switch to the right position (where a little lock is drown)

and insert a paperclip in the Reset pinhole on the back of the tablet.

On the Arnova 7b G2:

insert a paperclip in the Reset pinhole of the tablet and press the Power button

On the Arnova ChildPad:

insert a paperclip in the Reset pinhole of the tablet and press the Power button

On the Arnova 8c G3:

Switch the tablet off, press the volume- button, keep it pressed in and then connect the tablet with an usb cable to the computer.

3. Installing the drivers on the computer

Following the tablet entering in flashing mode, the computer should now show it has found a new USB device and prompt for a device driver. Select the appropriate driver in the driver directory from the Rockchip Flash Tool 1.4 package, then select the right folder that corresponds to your computer platform and operating systems.

There are 6 supported systems:
in drivers\32bits folder you will find subdirectories for the following operating systems: (Windows 2000 drivers, Windows XP, Vista and Win7 in 32 bits).
in drivers\64bits you have directories supporting (Windows Vista and Win7).

It will then install the driver for RK29 Device

The setup wizard will display this screen when the driver installing is complete:

4. Transfering the firmware to the tablet

The flashing tool should display a green square around the number 1 in the lower left area of the Windows application.
Select the firmware file to flash using the button in the top right area of the application. Select the update.img file that you have prepared in the first steps. Note, the file can be named differently, it will be flashed anyway.

Push the Upgrade button to transfer the selected firmware to the tablet.

It’s usually safer to use the Restore button rather than Upgrade to make sure the tablet system is properly erased prior to flash.

The firmware will be copied to the tablet, a progression counter will go from 0% to 100% on this step, followed by a verification.

You are done, let the tablet reboot and update itself. It should take a few minutes for the flash process to finish.

This procedure has been successfully tested on Windows XP 32 bits and Windows 7 32 bits with Arnova 10 G2 and Arnova 8 G2 tablets.


If the device is not detected or if the driver does not install, here are a few things to check:
– make sure your tablet is connect directly to the USB port on the computer, not thru a USB hub
– make sure your USB cable is in good condition, if your cable looks defective, try with another cable
– try to change Windows 7 Device Installation Settings:
go to ‘Control Panel’ / ‘View Advanced system Settings’, on ‘System Properties‘ window, select the ‘Hardware‘ tab, click on ‘Device Installation Settings‘ button.

On the “Device Installation Settings” window, choose ‘No, let me choose what to do‘ and ‘Never install driver software from Windows update‘.
Press ‘Save changes’ button.
Reset your tablet, you should then be able to install the custom drivers.

When the drivers are installed, you can change Device Installation Settings back on Windows 7.

Device unknown issue

In some configurations, it can happen that your tablet isn’t properly detected and you need to force the Rockchip driver install, here is how to proceed:

Step A. Click on your Windows “Start Button” in the bottom left of your screen, do a right click on the “Computer” entry, you should see the menu on the picture below, left click on Properties

Step B. Control Panel window will open, you’ll first note the Windows Edition and System Type on the right side, you’ll need these information later when choosing the driver type.
On the left side, you’ll click on the Device Manager link.

Step C. Device Manager window will open, look in the “Other devices” section in the list and search of an “Unknown device” line

Step D. Do a right click on the Unknown Device line, select Update Driver Software

Step E. Click on the item named “Browse my computer for driver software

Step F. Use the file browse to locate the directory where you unpacked the Rockchip Batch Tool and go inside the RockusbDriver directory. From there, locate the directory corresponding to your system architecture as you noted in the earlier Step B. On our computer, we are using a Windows 7 64 bits machine, so we select amd64\win7 directory and we press the OK button. On our system the full selected path is the following: C:\Users\arctablet\Desktop\Rockchip_Batch_Tool_v1.5\RockusbDriver\amd64\win7

Step G. After you have selected the right path, you can press Next button.

Step H. The following Windows Security dialog will open, you can safely click Install button to confirm the Rockchip driver installation.

Step I. The window below should confirm the success of the Rockchip driver installation: “Windows has successfully updated your driver software”. If you don’t get this screen but an error message, you will need to go back to the driver directory selection and try another architecture (see Step F.)

Other Rockchip flashing tools, not covered by this guide

Download Rockchip_Batch_Tool_v1.7.zip

Older version 1.6: Rockchip_Batch_Tool_v1.6.zip
Older version 1.5: Rockchip_Batch_Tool_v1.5.zip

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  1. Hi there!

    I’m struggling to get my Arnova 10 G2 into flashing mode using this method – are there any conditions that are not mentioned above? Do I need to have the mains charger in, or be connected to my PC by USB while I’m pressing the button and inserting the paperclip?



    • Hi, this reply might be a little late. I have been able to set my Arnova 10b G2 into flashing mode by First connecting the usb kabel to my pc and tablet. Then i shut down my tablet. Afterwards i held the “reset button” with a paperclip. After a few seconds i also held the “Volume +” button down. Next i released the “reset” button. And a second or so later i released the “Volume +” button. The screen of the tablet should remain off and windows should detect a new device. Sadly i have not been able to get the Rockchip Batch Tool to find my device yet…

  2. Hi there!

    I’m struggling to get my Arnova 10 G2 into flashing mode using this method – are there any conditions that are not mentioned above? Do I need to have the mains charger in, or be connected to my PC by USB while I’m pressing the button and inserting the paperclip?



  3. Hola. He visto que mucha gente no logra el procedimiento por algun u otro asunto.
    Personalmente estoy tratando con una 9g2. El problema, era EL PUERTO USB DE LA PC. Si no les funciona la deteccion con rockchip del dispositivo, prueben cambiando el usb de la pc. Yo realizaba todo el procedimiento y al final, el problema era ese. Me sirvieron mucho los comentarios, pero por las dudas les aporto este detalle. Tengo 3 usb en la pc y solo en 1 funcionó.

  4. hi, after flashing my pipo m9 pro the touchscreen doesn’t respond. i tried with 3 ROMs diferents and is the same. I see the home screen, the launcher but any place i touch doesn’t works. any suggestions?

    note: before flashing i opened it to fix the ESC button. (i dont know if that could cause something)

    please i need a solution quickly.



  5. J’ai réinitialisé ma 7f G3 avec la rom kasty-arn7fg3-40-042 et maintenant le touch pad ne marche plus. J’ai réinstallé la rom du site d’arnova et ça ne marche pas mieux.
    Qui sait où je pourrais trouver un backup de la rom originale ?

    Merci d’avance

    I reset my 7f G3 with rom kasty-arn7fg3-40-042 but touch pad doesn’t work anymore. I reinstalled stock firmware downloaded from arnova web site but it doesn’t work…
    Who knows where I can find original rom backup ?


  6. My son’s ChildPad wasn’t worked since last year. I never got round to trying to fix it until today.
    I followed the instructions above and it’s back to normal. There were no issues at all.

    Btw, I followed someone’s comment that said:
    1. Go to Device manager (in Control Panel), and while in there,
    2. Use a paper clip to hit the reset button until there’s an audible beep.
    It will look for a driver which is in the ‘RockusbDriver’ folder.

    Many thanks to the author. 🙂




  8. Updated my Arnova 9 G3 perfectly on Windows 7 SP1 64bit.

    As I expected, the option to install a driver did not show up, only a warning that the device could not be identified. I simply brought up Device Manager and manually installed the driver for the newly discovered “Unknown Device.” Once installed, the green “block” appeared in the flashing tool and I loaded the firmware and used the Restore button to be safe. Once the copy completed, the tablet rebooted, initialized itself, and brought me to the Startup Wizard. I selected to NOT install the third-party apps to save some space on the tablet. Everything seems to work just fine — Play Store updated itself, Chome installed, Google Sync is working, etc.

  9. I’m at my wits end.

    I’ve had about 50 tries to get my 9 G2 into recovery mode.

    I’ve tried ALL the recommendations here:
    reset + MENU
    reset + ESC
    reset + ESC + HOLD
    reset + POWER

    None work. I’ve tried all 5 second increments of time for holding in reset and the chosen key/keys between 5 seconds and 30 seconds. NONE result in a dark screen and a detection by Windows 7 SP1.

    I’ve also tried just copying the update.img file to the root of the Arnova but the device says it is not valid and offers to delete it.

    OK. I have little hair left to tear out.

    What now?

    Is there some sinclair like hardware picnic going on that means there are variant builds?

    Are the key recombination with reset essentially random?

    Is there anywhere a simple update.img that I can use from the root without any need for rockchip?

    Thanks for any help anyone our there can give!

  10. After many hours, I have found a solution to my flashing problem with Pipo Max M6: first the buttons to press are ESC and Volume Up then insert USB then press power button for 5 secs (or something like that) BUT Windows 8 or the tablet doesn’t like USB 3.0 because it doesn’t get identified, so plug in USB 2.0 Voila! It works!

    USB 2.0!!!!

  11. Thank you .. 9 g2 up an going .. for me it was pin reset button & hold menue esc an home button down release reset but keep others pressed tight dont let tab turn on … once my computer could recognise it i quickly installed rock driver my pink button went green so hit restore … keepin them tab buttons firmly pressed till the end
    once firmware installed tab come on cleared cache ect ect booted up fine batts dead so test it out tomoz cant thank ya’ll enough , my hubby paid £25 for engineer to look at it an no way could he get firmware in … still charged us for it 🙁
    took me 4 hours of trial & error 😀 an i done it

  12. [Reposting to main thread so this is clear as I was struggling for an hour or two trying to get Windows to override drivers but in normal USB mass storage mode – sorry for duplication]

    THIS REALLY HELPED! I was getting my Arnova 9G2 rebooting after trying the flash mode button+reset press which prevented this from working. As suggested here by bloatedbobcat, on the 9G2 at least, (having already connected by USB to PC) you need to first press and hold reset, then press menu and hold both buttons for (5-10 secs?) a while, then release reset and finally release menu. The result is the screen on tablet stays blank i.e. no booting procedure, and the PC then detects the device – after than you can override any auto-driver which is installed as set out above.

    I did a restore rather than upgrade as didn’t have any need to keep data – this worked perfectly, and now have tablet working much faster, with screen touch much more responsive and most importantly have Google Play!

    Many thanks all 🙂

  13. Just unbricked a 9 g2 needed to use restore rather than update before it would run again. Thank you for a great support base. Win 7pro proved a bit tricky had to switch off auto driver and then shut down and restart before I could get the RK driver installed.
    Happy Days

  14. Hi, I have an Arnova 10 g2 philly edition tablet, and I followed the flashing process and everything. Now my tablet won’t come on, charge, or connect to computer. I have to use a different power adapter (laptop) to notice that the only thing that occurs is the light flickering in split seconds. I installed the correct custom firmware. All I wanted to do was update the firmware. Please help me!!!!!!!

  15. Alright, so i have the Arnova 9 g3 and it gave me a few problems at first when trying to set up the firmware.

    what i ended up doing was going back and using version 1.6 rather than the newest out

    even then, i still had problems so i switched out the USB cable i was using (the one it came with) and tried a different one. After that, everything went well and i love the tablet now!

    also, kudos to you dudes who set this stuff up. the tablet is mad lame the way it comes.

  16. I am a few years out on doing this but trying to upgrade the ole 7 g2, doing it on an old win xp laptop installed the drivers fine without problem but it does not come up with RK29 driver it installs it as rockusb device??? is this correct?? I open rockchip tool v 1.7 and no devices connected?? have I done something wrong?

  17. With my Arnova 9 G2, the correct procedure to enter flashing mode was:
    1.Press and hold menu+pwr
    2.Press the reset button with the clip
    Then, with Win7-64, I had to search the “new device” through Control Panel->System->Device Manager and force the installation of a new driver.
    It only worked with the “Restore” function of the Rockchip Batch Tool (not the “Update” function).
    Now, with Android 4, Google apps, etc, it is a brand new tablet, incredibly faster and improved than the older Android 2.3 version. Thank You.

    • hallo, ich habe ein archos arnova 7i g3 und wollte gerne wissen, welches dieser rockchip batch- tools für mein gerät das richtige ist. ich habe einen windows7 32bit laptop.ich würde mich riesig freuen, wenn mir jemand helfen könnte. danke schon mal.


  18. HI,
    just thought I’d Let you know that I’ve just upgraded my friends Arnova 10 g2 to
    kasty-ez_arn10g2-40-0463-2G with absolutely no fuss or issues at all….everything is working as it should..Cheers guys yours is a fantastically helpfull website…keep up the good work.

  19. hi there 🙂 thankyou so much with this guide.. i installed the firmware no sweat ^__^.. but getting to flashmode make me reall pizz XD i tried to many time plugin/replugin my usb connector till i install RK29 but it works for me..

    by the way. is it possible to upgrade to 4.2? im using u9gtV .. :salute: to all admins

  20. Hey i need a help !! i tried to install my device because it wasnt detected from my computer, i did all the steps but i have a 32-bit operating system and in the rockchiptool drivers file doesnt have a 32 bit its only have x64 and x86
    what can i do ?

    • Hi All & keitapoel

      This is my first post, but I had similar issues with my pc not detecting my device and as daft as it sounds I discovered I hadn’t actually put my device in to Flashing mode as I read you had to press reset, press +, release + and release reset, what you should do is press reset, press +, release reset and then release +.
      This should then put the device in the correct state and hopefully allow you to correctly install the pc driver for you

      Hope this helps 🙂

      • THIS REALLY HELPED! I was getting my Arnova 9G2 rebooting after trying the flash mode button+reset press which prevented this from working. As suggested here by bloatedbobcat, on the 9G2 at least, (having already connected by USB to PC) you need to first press and hold reset, then press menu and hold both buttons for (5-10 secs?) a while, then release reset and finally release menu. The result is the screen on tablet stays blank i.e. no booting procedure, and the PC then detects the device – after than you can override any auto-driver which is installed as set out above.

        I did a restore rather than upgrade as didn’t have any need to keep data – this worked perfectly, and now have tablet working much faster, with screen touch much more responsive and most importantly have Google Play!

        Many thanks all 🙂

  21. i really need some help i have a 9g2 everytime i connect to laptop it automatically detects and installs drivers, not sure if ive had it in recovery but nothing was detected on laptop and i couldnt do anything untill i had reset. whats the correct way to put in recovery and what am i meant to do when the computer isnt detecting it thanks

  22. Bonjour,
    Impossible d’installer le pilote rockchip, windows ne le trouve pas alors que je spécifie bien le chemin de destination. J’ai testé plusieurs drivers mais aucun n’est reconnu par windows, de l’aide svp.
    La tablette n’est pas reconnue dans rockchip batchtool, aucune couleur d’affichée.
    J’ai tenté les désinstallations, les installations manuelles.
    Je pense bien être en mode recovery, l’écran est noir.

    Arnova 9g2
    Windows 7 64 bits

    De l’aide svp.

    • Problème résolu, il faut s’assurer d’être branché sur un port usb 2.0 pour que le pilote soit détecté opur être installé, rien à voir avec la combinaison de boutons sur la tablette.

      Oubliez votre port usb 3.0 et passez en usb 2.0.

  23. Ive installed ics on my arnova 9g2, using Rockchip batch v1.5. However, the internal storage space is now only 504mb, which quickly fills up and then slows down the tablet to a crawl.

    The remaining SD space is reported as Arnova 9g2i and is 5.97gb. Is it possible to recover this partition? Ive searched the forum, appears others have had similar problems but Ive not seen a fix. Is this a limitation you have to put up with ICS??

  24. I have tried it with my arnova 10b g3, i succesfully put it in recovery mode but windows 7 , insists its an ARN10BG3, instead of a RK29 chip, removing drivers and manually installing drivers doesn’t work, it keeps saying its not the appropriate driver and i should download it from the devices website.

    any idea what to do ? i would like to install this firmware because the 500 mb app space is too small for the apps. if there is a way to only increase the app space i would like to know pls.

    thank you in advance

  25. On the arnova 9g2 It completed successfully after putting it into recovery by holding power and menu buttons together dont touch the reset. Also it corrupted sd card on the arnova, fixed by formatting the sd card and doing the restore on the rockchip program! yipee!!

  26. Ok im stuck on the part where the computer should pick up the tablet for me to choose a location for it install the device drive:

    PART 3 ” the computer should now show it has found a new USB device and prompt for a device driver”

    Having read the entire thread on how to do it, i realised that you have only supported the users with Windows 7!

    Im running XP!

    Please help!


  27. Please, can this tool work for Allwinner A10 A710(White)
    CPU Allwinner F30-Cortex A8, processor 1.2-1.5GHz Multi Core, 512M memory, 4G storage,Android 4.0, 7 inch Five point cap-touch tablet pc and how can i put it in flashing mode or the firmware installation.

    Thank you

  28. On Arnova 9 G2I its running well.
    first choose recoveryreset on tablet then
    insert a paperclip in the Reset pinhole on the back of the tablet
    and press menubutton,
    its a little bit difficult what to do first and press once or twice, but after a few tries the accesing notebook was able to find a new device. the monitor leaves in dark mode,
    while upgrading its showing the android-icon.
    but the drivers with rockchip ver 1.5 dont work for me, so i tried the version 1.4 with win64-driver for my w7-notebook, so install and verify runs without problems.

  29. I’m getting incredibly frustrated with this. I’m trying to put it into recovery mode but it just keeps resetting itself and then giving me the normal usb option. After a good hour or so trying to figure this out, i give up. Any suggestions?

    • first, i got the same problem.
      then i start the factory-reset, a menu item in category “options” on the tablet.
      after this i shut down the device and started it again, but before the configuration-sequence start, i hold the paperclip in the hole and pressed immediately the MENU-button.(9G2)
      thats all ; dont hesitate, the tablet screen still leaves dark.
      but a new device on the notebook/computer will be found 🙂

  30. Hi Guys,

    first af all thumbs up for this great website, I have started to flash my daughters Childpad but find myself getting stuck installing the Rockchip drivers. I am an experienced PC user and unfortunately I cannot resolve this.

    I am using W7 Pro OEM on a 64-bit machine and explorer.exe finds the AN7DG3-CP and I can navigate to it using the device manager, rightclick on properties, locate the 64-bit drivers and click on ‘install’. However, it tells me it does not install the drivers as it cant see any. (see pics below). Disabling the OS to look for drivers automatically has been done.

    How to proceed?

    thanks in advance!

    • hi i have a same probleme with my arnova 8g2 , when i want calibrate its failed , and i can’t use the screen !!!! some on have a solution ? i tried all the stuffs to reset !! but i think i dont know exactly what i do , please someone help me !

  31. I was able to install Google Market on my Arnova 10b g3 with out root nor rom. All I did was found a google market 3.4.4 apk and down loaded it to a folder on my laptop then I unzip the folder. After that I took my sd card out the tablet and moved the unzip folders to the sd card. Then place the sd card back into my Arnova 10b G3 tablet and power the tablet back on. Then I use a file manager app on my tablet and located the files on the sd card and click and loaded them one by one on to the tablet. Once I did that it loaded Google Play (Market) on my tablet with out any problems and I was able to key my user name and password in and down load many working apps. Know I have that part covered but I can’t seem to be able to move apps to sd card to free up memory on the tablet, has anyone had any luck with this? Seem like the stock software want let me do it.

    • first sorry for my bad english.
      i have buyed the Childpad 4GB capazitive for my son, but he will the playstore and the facebook app on it..so it doesnt work and i have googled and found this site.

      So far so good i have installed the right version of the update.img for caoazitve screen.

      (Method 1 easy)

      so after reboot i see the screen, but the touchscreen dont work so it was/is impossible to work with the tablet or to leave the key…

      i said to me: don’t worry, give the Method 2 a try with the rockwell batch tool and make a fully flash from deep.

      Installing the drivers for the tablet was successful and i have load the image.
      all messages were good and successfully done


      no restart, the device iss dead, guess it is bricked..
      all versions that i have found will not work..even original from arnova still not let me install…evrytime the Program said: successfully flashed..but the tablet get still dead….

      the only thing that happens:

      if i push the Powerbutton für 20 sec or so, the Screen will start with the Arnova Logo and then it will reboot and i see the Android-Man lying down on floor with stomage open with a big red triangle….nothing more…it doesnt boot..

      what can i make now ??? my son iss very frustrated that he cant use his new tablet

      thanks in advance

  32. Can someone help.
    I have spent 2 hours messing around with this. Have no idea what I’m doing, but can read instructions. I have 7G2, windows 7 32 bit. when i try to update driver, all i get is 64 bit and 86 something. I am determined to do this, but as I say, have no real ideas.
    Can anyone help?
    ta x

  33. Can you please help, trying to get my son’s childpad into recovery mode so that i can install the rk usb drivers, it goes into a mode where the droid is on its back with a warning triangle above. But the pc only finds a device with the name of the pad and not a rk device

    Any sugguestions?

  34. Hello, I need your HELP!!!
    I’m trying to flash my kid’s Chilpad but I’m having problems.
    I’ve followed this procedure, everything is OK, drivers properly loaded. in my case I’m able to see the Chilpad not under the local drives but as a portable device. At the same time I’m not able to see to see on the rockchip batch the chilpad…
    Could someone help me please.
    many thanks in advance

  35. I am unable toinstall the driver on top a Windows Seven French. The tablet is Arnova 7 G2.
    – RockShip is started and image loaded
    – I pin the reset hole and push and maintain the on/off button during a few seconds. Win7 beeps as new hardware is located. I release the reset button and then the tablet restart but the rockship detects nothing.
    – I tried to install the drivers the driver IS NOT displayed at the very end

    Any help would be welcome.

    • Sure thing. First I’d like to mention this:

      On the 10G2 (not sure if applies to other models), I have determined the following method to be the *actual* process to reset the device. Push and hold Volume Up. Insert paperclip while holding the volume up button. You do not have to do the paperclip for more than one second, but make sure you are still holding down the volume up button when you remove the paperclip one second later. Then, let go of the volume up button. The screen should be black.

      Voila, you are ready to flash with your choice of flashing tool (in my case, 10G2, Rockchip 1.5 for Morka or original Arnova firmware, or RK_Android 1.29 for Kasty advanced firmware).

      Now you can flash whatever firmware you like. If there is a problem with formatting/flashing, you will automatically boot into recovery mode with various options. Make sure to erase first if in RK_Android, or use Restore with Rockchip. Recovery mode should only be needed if something went wrong, and should load automatically, in my understanding.

      Unfortunately for me, after a successful Kasty upgrade with RK_Android, I bumped the device ever so slightly against a wall, and now the screen is corrupted. Sigh. But hope this advice helps someone, I found it someone difficult to find all the required information in one place for exactly how to do this. I spent 5 tries removing paperclip and volume+ button together, not working, before I figured out the process above. Good luck, and I will try and check back here if you have further questions or need more help.

      • If you mean Arnova 9 G2 To enter recovery mode press reset then press MENU make sure is MENU because I was confused like any one else I was pressing POWER button THEN you will see Blank screen with red light after that you should see unknown device if windows 7,do this If you have 32bit windows installed?
        Than x86 driver is the right one.

        If you use 64bit windows, you have to use the 64bit driver. Worked for me perfect now I m thinking of going to nexus but I wanna see which one is best.

  36. im running the arnova 7 G2i running ics,trying to flash the Kasty custom firmware download (version 0.43) so i can use google play.
    problem im having is getting it into recovery/flash mode (following the older arnova 7 G2 instructions),ive tryed with it on and off,plugged into the pc and unplugged.
    any input would be appreciated.

  37. Just finished doing my Arnova 9 g2, had to do it a second time using the restore setting on rockchip tool and now have an amazingly smooth running tablet. I had bought an ipad2 to replace the arnova as it was so slow and jumpy while surfing the net, but now there is nothing between them – absolutely brilliant , thank you

  38. help pls…
    i upgrade my arnova 9g2
    2.3 to ics
    i followed the instruction and read it carefully
    but after i upgrade it say

    succesfull 1 fail 0
    and after my tablet reboot it went installing and few seconds it says it fail and rebot again
    but all i see now is the logo of arnova only…what should i do…
    pls help me…

    tnx in advance,,,,

  39. Hi all, I need your help.

    I have an Arnova 7bg2 and I installed the correct firmware for this model using the rockchip flasher tool. The update was successful however I’ve noticed that you cant exit certain apps. For instance, if you go into the gallery or access the camera, theres absolutely no way to suspend the app. As a result I’ve been forced to turn off my arnova each time 🙁

    Does anyone else have this problem? Am I doing something wrong?

  40. Great Help, but the Procedure for entering Flashing/download mode on the Arnova 9 G2 is not correct.. U must Press and Hold both ‘Menu’ & ‘Pwr’ buttons, then press reset button for several seconds. Screen remains blank and the host PC will indicate New hardware found. Then install your drivers.#

    Hope this helps.

  41. YAY \o/

    It works on the Anova 10b G3

    Did take me about 5 goes to get the tablet into recovery mode, and I had to start the “Add New Hardware Wizard” manually in Windows 7 – other than that it all works fine and Google Play is working nicely

  42. ok… not having fun here… after I put my 10g2 tablet into recovery mode… the square does not turn green, it stays pink/red and does not ask me for a driver… I followed the procedure for setting the system correctly… I have done everything and followed all the troubleshooting guide as much as I can… any assistance would be appreciated… thank you!

  43. I couldnt get this to work (probaly me missing something) I reset tablet, started the new hardware process then directed it to the driver file, then had an error message, then had there was an error installing hardware,this device may not work properly (or words to that effect) i tried to instal again with same error. The rockchip tool wouldnt recognize my device? Help needed please,thanks

  44. I have the arnova 10 g2 and after successfully flashing this firmware, the tablet began to reset. The android symbol came on the screen for about a minute, then it went black.

    The tablet will no longer go into recovery mode. When it is connected to the computer it will be recognized only while the reset button is held down, as soon as I let go it disconnects. There is no way to make the tablet even try to boot. No matter what I try nothing has appeared on the screen since the android logo for about a minute after the reset.

    10:01:09 269 Rockchip Batch Tool v1.4.0.0 start run
    10:50:42 328 Test Device Start
    10:50:42 333 Test Device Success
    10:50:42 338 Check Chip Start
    10:50:42 344 Check Chip Success
    10:50:42 349 Get FlashInfo Start
    10:50:42 353 INFO:FlashInfo: 0 0 80 0 0 10 10 18 2A 2 1
    10:50:42 355 Get FlashInfo Success
    10:50:42 681 Prepare IDB Start
    10:50:42 683 INFO:CS(1) (4096MB) (HYNIX)
    10:50:42 694 Prepare IDB Success
    10:50:42 697 Download IDB Start
    10:50:52 127 Download IDB Success
    10:50:52 133 Reset Device Start
    10:50:53 139 Reset Device Success
    10:50:53 144 Wait For Loader Start
    10:50:57 555 Wait For Loader Success
    10:50:57 561 Test Device Start
    10:50:57 568 Test Device Success
    10:50:57 573 Download Firmware Start
    10:52:57 832 Download Firmware Success
    10:52:57 838 Reset Device Start
    10:52:58 844 Reset Device Success
    13:47:30 363 Rockchip Batch Tool v1.4.0.0 start run

  45. i tried this process… i got a chance to end with just a white screen… the detection mode is nothing but black.. but i press the button POWER+M+VOLUME up… then the computer detected it… just having problem on what firmware to use…

  46. I have the Arnova 8 2g and was wondering if anyone knows how to get into the recovery menu? I have tried the reset button with the + sign and nothing happens. i have aslo had a look on Arnovas website and there are no instructions for the going into recovery mode with the 8 2g.

    any help would be appretiated

  47. And a savior is born. OMG Becky…I’ve been trying for two weeks to upgrade my 10 g2 to this firmware and nothing. Until now. I really don’t know how many times I have to say it…THANK YOU!Follow the directions and it will work. All other sites are very vague. Very nice job my friend…CUDOS!!!NAND flash=2.57GB.Internal storage=458MB.

  48. I have followed this exactly, device managed recognises the RK29 device but the tool doesnt have a green marker, seems to not be picking up the device. Ive tried this in a XP virtual machine (with next to no luck at all) and managed to dig out an old laptop and put XP (service pack 3) on it, and still no luck. Is there something im missing or could it be the tool?
    This is the 2nd tablet from Arnova and both have had the same problem, the first had to be sent off and Arnova sent me back a brand new one with an upgrade (from 4gb to 8gb).

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