Custom firmware awesomeness for your Arnova 7c G2: root, Android Market and CWM recovery


Arnova 7c G2 chefs setialpha, tremendo and DanielVd have been working on improving the tablet for some time, their awesome firmware modifications are now ready.

Here is the menu:

  • nano custom firmware by setialpha
    (Nano CFW revision 12b, dated [2012.02.12])
  • DanielVd custom firmware DanielVd_ArndroidianiModdedROM
  • ClockworkMod Recovery (CWM) image by Tremendo
  • Both custom firmwares provide root, Android Market access and added functionality to the Arnova 7c G2.
    The ClockworkMod Recovery (CWM) is a custom recovery that allows you to perform several advanced recovery, restoration, installation and maintenance operations on Arnova 7c G2.

    You will need a computer and a working ADB connection to flash these firmware image for the first time as the Arnova 7cG2 does not ship with a accessible recovery.

    These firmwares are specific to the Arnova 7c G2 and should not be installed on other devices.



    Setialpha firmware

    setialpha modified the UI, added a lot of customization, root, Market to its firmware, and let you optionnaly move /data and /cache to the sdcard (a fast sdcard, class 8 card is recommended)

    Here is a short video showing how to install setialpha nano custom firmware a previous release of his Arnova 7c G2 firmware. This video will be updated soon to reflects latest nano custom firmware updates.

    DanielVD firmware

    DanielVD firmwares comes with root, wireless tethering and other goodies.

    This firmware ismade to be flashing with Tremendo’s CWM recovery.

    Tremendo CWM custom recovery

    You can enter the recovery issuing

    adb reboot recovery

    from a remote computer using ADB
    While in the recovery, you can use Volume Up and Down hardware keys to navigate. The Power button will serve as select button as soon as it is enabled. To enable the selection, you need to push the Volume up button multiple times (at least 19 times) until you see “Back menu button enabled” on the bottom of the CWM screen.

    Future developments

  • setialpha has prepared a package for all developers or firmware modders to help working with his firmware modifications:
    ROM creation Toolbox (GNU/Linux) rev05b [2012.02.12]
  • Tremendo also has built a Cyanogenmod7 firmware that boots, but where most of the drivers are currently not supported… work in progress.

  • Thanks to setialpha, tremendo and DanielVd and all the testers for their amazing work.

    Huge thanks to Cajl/ for lending me his Arnova 7c G2 tablet for some time.


    1. On Arnova 7cg2, Arnova logo appears and tablet freezes;
      My device is out of guarantee, and so I’ve just updated in recovery mode the ROM with via an update image, that I’ve downloaded from web site.
      Arnova logo appears and tablet freezes (arnova logo suspends). Could you help me? What’s the possible problem with it. Is it possible to solve it?

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