Cube U30GT2 gets Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean beta custom root firmware (2013/04/25)


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  1. hello admin and friends

    i just took in my hands this tablet and i have a HUGE problem.the first thing i did is to download mozilla firefox, google chrome and avast antivirus!
    after an hour avast antivirus warned me that the setting of the tablet (!!!) is a trojan!
    i dont know what to do…please help. did anyone else had this problem?
    avast tells me to do uninstall the settings…but i think that i will destroy the tablet….

  2. Hi you all guys.

    In case I’m posting in the wrong thread, accept my apologies and please, if possible, forward this
    About a month ago I became the « proud owner » of a cube U30GT2 tablet.
    As I am quite new to Android (and tablets) I would really be grateful if someone would be kind enough
    to give me a STEP – BY STEP guide on how to root it.
    The tablet is:
    Android 4.2.2
    Kernel: 3.0.36+ lcp@tchip-super #36
    Thu Jun 6 16:08:57 CST 2013
    v2.03 20130606
    Being Greek, I’m using Greek language (pre-installed)
    I have to admit that I am, at the moment. quite pleased with the device, but I believe that I will be even more, once
    I root it! I have to remove ALL Chinese features as they are useless to me.
    Once rooted, will I loose the greek language setup?

    Please advice!

    Thanks in advance,

    Nick T.

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