Cowon outs iAudio E3 bookmark, can also be used as an audio player


Cowon might not be very alive anymore, but the company is still launching new models. Next to the P1 Plenue which leaked out yesterday, Cowon just started listing the E3 audio player on their Korean website. Featuring a unique design, iAUDIO E3 has a monochrome 0.95 inch OLED screen, a capacitive touchpad, BBE + sound effects, while weighing only 20.8g. It will be available in in 8 and 16GB versions.

cowone3-nowrmkThe E3 will be available in black and white versions and can also be used as a bookmark.


Technical specifications

Display 0,95″ OLED 
96 x 64 resolution
Frequency range 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Flash Storage Memory Capacity: 8/16 GB
Equaliser 9 presets + 2 custom schemes
Interfaces Voice Recorder
Calorie Counter
Battery life 11.5 hours Audio playback
Charging time 1.5 hours
Dimensions 31,4 x 89 x 11,6 mm
Weight 20,8 g
Availability Expected end of March 2014