ClockworkMod Recovery V3.0.0.5 for Toshiba Folio100

Here is a procedure and video on how to install ClockworkMod Recovery using fastboot on your Toshiba Folio 100.

  • Download wolfx Unofficial port of ClockworkMod Recovery for folio100 – BETA port of the ClockworkMod Recovery V3.0.0.5 for Folio100. (From XDA Dev).
    Original file: or (mirror)

  • Put your Folio 100 in Fastboot mode by pressing the [Power] button once, releasing it for a second while the tablet starts. When Toshiba logo appears, press 3 times [Power] button then one time [Volume+] button.

  • The tablet screen should display:
    Starting Fastboot USB download protocol, please execute 'fastboot' command
  • Connect the USB cable to your PC

  • Your tablet should get detected and an ADB driver should get installed on your Windows system

  • Extract recovery.img file for the archive you have downloaded

  • Start a DOS console window and issue the following commands:
    fastboot erase userdata
    fastboot erase system
    fastboot erase cache
    fastboot erase linux
    fastboot erase recovery
    fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
    fastboot reboot

  • You can access ClockworkMod menu at any time by pressing [POWER] button for the tablet to start, when Toshiba logo appears, press simultaneously [POWER] and [VOLUME+] buttons to enter recovery mode.
    Then push [VOLUME+] to continue the factory data reset or system update procedure
    Then [VOLUME-] to continue system update
    Then [VOLUME+] to confirm you want to continue and start the Recovery.

    You will see a Booting kernel recovery image message and ClockworkMod Recovery V3.0.0.5 menu should appear after a second.

    ClockworkMod Usage on the Folio 100:
    – ( VOL + ) and ( VOL – ) key to highlight the menu
    – ( HOME ) key to select