(update) Bluetooth and GPS support on the Arnova G2 tablets


Bluetooth support is a missing feature on most Arnova G2 tablets, apart from the Arnova 7c G2 which has a different hardware.

Missing support in the device kernel and system can be added thru kernel modules, to make some external USB Bluetooth dongles work. Fenice57 already did that a while ago on his custom firmware for the Arnova 7 G2.

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Bluetooth and GPS support on the Arnova G2 tablets with a custom firmware

We have started to adapt our custom firmwares for the Arnova G2 tablets to include Bluetooth support on the devices that offer an USB Host feature. These firmwares should be published shortly, starting with the Arnova 10 G2.

Here is a video of an Arnova 10 G2 connected to a Royaltek Bluetooth GPS using a Daffodil Bluetooth USB dongle (ref. 06M)

Hardware requirements

The setup to support Bluetooth on the Arnova tablets requires an USB Bluetooth dongle to be connected to the USB plug on the tablet, directly if the device has full size USB connector or using an USB Host cable.

USB Bluetooth dongle
The USB dongle must be based on a chipset made by CSR (Cambridge Silicon Radio, the company has actually been bought by Samsung two days ago), other chipsets are not supported at the moment.

We successfully tested the Daffodil 06M dongle below to be compatible.

Daffodil 06M mini USB Dongle Bluetooth

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USB Host cable, sometimes named USB OTG cable is used to connect the Bluetooth USB dongle (full size USB) to the tablet micro USB port. The Arnova 9 G2 and Arnova 10 G2 already have a full size USB Host connector and do not require the USB OTG cable.

Nokia USB OTG Cable CA 157

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Software setup

As you can see on our video, once you have loaded our custom firmware (to be published soon) you will need these two applications to use a Bluetooth GPS on your tablet. Both applications are available for free on Google Play.

Bluetooth File Transfer

Bluetooth GPS
You can then use any application that supports a GPS, including Google Maps.

Custom firmware updates with Bluetooth GPS support

Arnova 7 G2

Arnova 8 G2

Arnova 10 G2


So far we have only tested GPS support with this Bluetooth setup, we will update this article when we discover more possibilities.
The tablet does lock up when going into sleep mode when the Bluetooth / GPS module is being accessed.

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Thanks to Fenice57 for the Bluetooth kernel modules.


  1. Archos 9 G2 : Bluetooth turn ON – Failure

    Please help : I can’t turn on Bluetooth on my tablet Archos 9 G2.
    Bluetooth File Transfer and Bluetooth GPS just trying to turn it on but nothing happens.

    My custom firmware Android 4.0.3 ICS from this site : http://www.arctablet.com/blog/forum/arnova-9-g2/arnova-9g2-custom-firmware-upgrade-to-android-40-ics-google-play-full-root-and-face-unlock/

    May be there is no bluetooth support in this firmware…

    Please help…

  2. Hello,
    clicking on links under “Custom firmware updates with Bluetooth GPS support” for Arnova 7 G2 / Arnova 8 G2 we can download the firmware with bluetooth but…. when you click on ARNOVA 10 G2 go on correct page but there isn’t the firmware with bluetooth. Why? The curse of the ARN10G2 bluetooth support (who killed many developers like morkamod) is still alive? 🙂

    • I have used the Arc tools 0.68 EZ 2.1 to download the test system on to my 10G2 also got the Bluetooth dongle using the Amazon link provided.My machine has re started fine I have got both Apps from market as seen in the video, there is a light on from the dongle but I cannot turn the Bluetooth ( BT) on. On the Bluetooth file transfer App it just hangs on please wait ” turning on blue tooth”and doesn’t connect. Have I missed a setting out somewhere I have followed the video to the letter? (build No GINGERBREAD .eng.hwg.20119013.192033. Any help greatly appreciated.

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