Mise à jour des firmwares ARNOVA – firmware Arnova 10d G3 désormais disponible


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  1. I have a ChildPad without firmware in front of me. How do I know if it is capacitive or resistive? Do I have to download both gigantic firmwares from your slow server?
    There is no visual difference in your table.
    Thank you (for an answer and for wasting my time downloading both).
    Because it is so confusing, the people download from third person websites, maybe introducing virii into their system.

  2. Arnova 8 G2 (capacitive model) & Arnova 8 G2 DT (resistive)
    this same firmwar
    where is deff !!!!
    i need frimwar for my tablet
    Arnova 8 G2 dual touch with 4 gb capacity
    model: an8g2dt
    i am tested this Arnova 8 G2 (capacitive model) but not work (touch screen not work)
    i need this Arnova 8 G2 DT (resistive) for test agine
    plz help me

  3. I have tried to access Google Play with my new Arnova ChildPad tablet (capacitive display), model number: AN7DG3 by updating a new firmware via these web pages (a firmware package -> kasty-arnchilpadc-40-04.zip.

    Problem: unfortunately after flash-operation, display has freezed, cannot make any touch commands from it. I have also tried to flash back an original image but without success.

    Now I have new ChildPad tablet which is not working any more 🙁

    Any tips, what I can do?

  4. I just updated the firmware on my new Arnova 10 G2 tablet w/ that offered @ the Arnova website. The process was fast, it did erase the OS & install the updated one. I lost all my games that came w/ the Tablet that were included when I bought it last week. Now I’m wishing I hadn’t updated the firmware.
    My Videos & gallery pictures were saved though.
    It also appears that its using less RAM now too.

    • From what I have seen using this updated firmware for these past 12 days…

      IT is buggy as heck.
      I would not suggest updating ones firmware w/ this one.
      *Last night trying to download & install using the « AppsLib » to Dl I kept getting the « make sure you have free space & try again – download unsuccessful » popup messages.
      I checked & found that I have: Nand flash- 2.7GB free, SD card – 14.62GB free, Internal storage – 178MB free. So I dumped a 70.4MB video & copied the music folder to the SD drive then went back & deleted the songs from the onboard music folder.
      Tried to Dl the files again & received the same warnings.
      *The home button doesn’t work very well anymore.

  5. I would like to know this as well. One thing that I DID notice was the keyboard change (originally some numbers were missing as (1,2,missing, 4, 5, missing 6-9, 0) « hard pressed » but now the full range of 1-9,0 is displayed)… so there are probably other changes as well.

    What I dont understand is why when I check About device, the android version is still 2.3.1… Does any one know how to update to 2.3.4 ???

  6. Amazing! However, what´s the big difference between the old and new firmware? I mean as in speed and stability, since it´s clear that the new firmware erases everything. Is it worth installing? Or doesn´t it make a difference?

  7. I copied the file over and my system asked if i wanted to install the new firmware and I hit yes. My Arnova 10 was plugged into DC power as well. It shut down and it’s been 2.5 hours now and it still hasn’t come back up. The red light is on showing that it’s charging but I can’t get it to boot back up. Any suggestions?

    • Arnova web site does not show version or changelog for the firmwares, so this won’t be easy.
      You can eventually rely on the firmware build date from the Settings / About menu and compare it with Arnova firmware release date, but this gives just an idea.

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