Arnova Familypad 13.3″ Android tablet hits the FCC

After the ChildPad Android tablet for kids, Arnova now brings us the Familypad, an Android tablet with a large screen. The FCC pictures reveal some interesting features: 13.3 ” screen, dual camera, Boxchip Allwinner A10 CPU 1 GHz. The tablet casing, with rear speakers and the use of a dual camera remind us of the Archos Carbon, Archos Elements product line latest model.

The tablet internals reveal the use of a Boxchip Allwinner A10 CPU, that Arnova already used on the Arnova 7 G3 and offers a good performance/battery life/price ratio.

The FCC also features a user manual which reference a MW13-1301 tablet which seems to be the original product, it confirms the tablet runs Android and gives some more details about the tablet features:

1. CPU: All Winner A10, Cortex-A8 1GHz
2. Screen: 13.3″ TFT, 1280×800 pixels
3. CTP:G+G
4. 1GB DDR3, 16 GB FLASH
5. WIFI: IEEE 802.11b/g/n
6. RFID: Optional, Keyboard and remote
7. Dual camera: 2M front camera, 2M rear camera
8. 3D G-Sensor, USB OTG&USB HOST, HDMI 1.4, vibrator
9. Battery: 10500mAh

Arnova Familypad FCC link FCC ID : SOVANF13PAD

Via Archoslounge