Archos/Arnova ChildPad review Part 4: Capacitive ChildPad


This fourth article about the Arnova ChildPad will focus on the differences between the two different versions of the ChildPad. In addition to the improved touchscreen, there are some other minor changes in the newer revision of the ChildPad which we will cover in this article.

The packaging should be the same for both ChildPads, the only difference you will find on the box is the Ref number – for the Capacitive version it should be 502.17x, while the resistive version got an 501.94x. The price difference between the two tablets should be about 10EUR, but we found that many shops are selling the two versions for (nearly) the same price, so unless you have something against capacitive touchcreens, we advise you to get the capacitive model. The capacitive version is about five grams heavier than the resistive, but it is very hard to distinguish them based on the weight. 😉 With the screens off, the capacitive one looks coloured a little bit towards purple, while the resistive screen surface looks a little bit greyish.

Capacitive ChildPad on the left, resistive on the right.

Once switched on, probably due to the extra layer on the resistive version, the screen on the capacitive unit is a little bit brighter. Dark colors look more dark on the capacitive version. In terms of viewing angles, both screens are the same.

Capacitive ChildPad on the left, resistive on the right.

On the newer ChildPads, the S/N is printed on a sticker and is located where it should have been from the start. 😉

Capacitive ChildPad on the right, resistive on the left.

Also, the bubble we were talking about on the resistive version is gone. Unfortunately, the SD card still can be unmounted accidentially. It took us a little bit more effort, but we succeeded to unmount it, again, by just pressing the ChildPad against a table corner. 😉

Still, the touchscreen is the most important difference between the two ChildPads. While the resistive one features a single-touch resistive touchscreen, the capacitive version boasts a serious 10 points multi-touch capacitive screen. We shot a video to illustrate the differences in touchscreen behaviour between the two models. The video also demonstrates the differences in screen brightness and color reproduction between the two models.

Please check back soon for more information on the ChildPad. ;)