Custom firmware avec Google Play et root pour Arnova ChildPad modèles capacitifs et résistifs



  1. Купил б\у Чайлпад Элвис ребёнку без Плей Маркета , половина системных приложений отсутствовало , тупил. Прошил прошивкой с официального сайта Архос и обновил её прошивкой отсюда найдя в инете инструмент Rockchip проблесковый на русском . Всё стало просто супер !!!
    Спасибо вам всем.

  2. Thanks for everything so far. My kid goes bananas with all the games google play has to offer. That said, this is also a problem because the apps partition is only so small. I’ve seen some remarks about a bigger data partition size, are you guys still working on this or can it be done by myself (got quite a bit of linux/programming experience…no android though). Thanks again for the excellent work!

  3. Hi i’m trying to update a childpad (big bunny edition) without success, i’ve put the image.bin in the root of the tablet, but when i disconnect from the pc no update box appear, also with a restart nothing.
    I’ve then tryed the second method but i can’t put the tablet in recovery mode i tryed for almost 2 days with the pinhole reset and the start button but nothing.
    Someone hase idea? and btw the tablet got 2 minutes to boot up is this normal?

  4. hai ppl out there, i need help. i did bought the childpad capacitive 4gb EU – 502153
    i try to update firmware to so i can use google play – i download this one: kasty-arnchilpadc-40-04 after update touch on my childpad not working.
    please help, how to fix it or go back to facotry reset.

  5. Hello , just bought the childpad bunny edition , stuck after arctool flashing , i actually have the alvinscreen , i’ve tried everything , my tablet was never recognized by the flash tool … What can i do ? even the usb drivers can ‘t be installed , so never have the green square … Thank you , for my daughter if someone can tell me how to install the original bunny software ….

  6. hi is there any news about an update to sort the problem with 4.0.4 Custom Firmware and Angry Birds?
    4.0.4 Custom Firmware is working great apart from that and my kid keeps on at me 🙂
    Thanks for all your work.

    • hi,im wondering if you can help me,im trying to flash my sons childpad via custom firmware and am stuck,im wondereing after you extracted the file where did you copy it coping it to internal storage…can you tell me how you did yours????

  7. Hello, I bought a Childpad and I have a bug with my screen, sometimes I can’t do anything, windows are shutting down by themselves, the only way to solve it is to restart the tablet…
    I don’t know if it’s a hard or soft problem ?
    I was thinking about send it back to the reseller but I have put your custom firmware on it, so I guess the garanty isn’t working anymore ?
    Thanx for your advices.

  8. Hello,


    I received the Childpad today. The new 4GB and NOT Alvin version.
    I decided to flash it, in order to get the Google Play Store. I did it with Arctools. When the flash was completed, the display didn’t work anymore, like some others here also experienced. I now found out that the problem is that it’s not the Alvin version.
    My problem is also, that I can’t install the Rockchip drivers on my WIn7 x86 computer. I tried everything, but my computer just doesn’t want to select the driver manually. I can’t access the tablet anymore. Is there any other way to put a firmware on my tablet? I guess I should use this firmware?!?

    But what about my 4GB with this Firmware?

    Thanks for your help!

    • I got it working last night. For those who have the same problem with the Rockchip drivers, see this youtube video:

      Here you can see how to select the drivers manually. That worked for me. You just need to find the right one which is a signed driver. For now I have the firmware I listed in my post below on my device. It works. Looking forward for a JB firmware for this modell.

    • Hi – I have just installed the custom image to gain access to google play etc – I have managed to get it installed without any issues, but when I try and setup a google account I keep getting the message ‘Unfortunately, Google Account Manager has stopped’.
      I have rebooted etc but to no avail. I am new to android as have previosuly had PCss/Macs, and have bought one each for my daughters xmas presents.
      If it matters I have the capacitive childpad and have obviously installed the correct img file.

    • Hi
      I need help. Bought a Capacitive childpad for my 6 year old daughter and wanted to root it and get Google Play. I first tried and it all installed fine and restarted but then the touch screen wouldn’t work.

      So, i tried to install the JB firmware. Same again – installed the firmware, rebooted, got to the « Welcome » screen and i couldn’t click the « start » button because the touchscreen wouldn’t work 🙁

      I am in Ireland but assume there is just one capacitive version in terms of hardware ?

      I’d really appreciate any help


  9. Just like to say thanks for this. I uploaded the firmware to the Childpad and it took a bit of time (during which I was praying all would go well) and then loaded fine.

    I have a question about the programs and other things on there by default. Is there a good way / simple way to uninstall programs that don’t fit the age of the child the tablet is for and therefore I’d like to delete. I deleted the videos but would also like to get rid of several of the programs and Playstore doesn’t recognize them as being installed…



    • OK I figured it out (partly), just need to go into « AppsLib » in the Applications area and in « My Apps » within AppsLib you can uninstall apps.

      However, I’m pretty sure there are a load of them like « kids Connect the dots » and Kids Numbers (that I have already purchased) that I’d like to remove and can’t find in the list of installed apps when it is in my list of installed apps…!!!

  10. hello ! need HELP PLEASE !
    i just received the tablet for my kid today ( x-mas gift)
    the first thing i did : put it on and configure the basic stuff
    after i deceided to flash the firmware with your first easy method :
    result : flash ok, the tablet restart, but the screen do not response ! it seems inactive so i can’t use the tablet anymore, !!!
    Any Idea ?

    ps : i’ve tried the second method : with the rockchip tool but i didn’t find the way to be in recoverymod on the childpad, and when i connect the childpad to the pc ( win7 64bit) it is not recognized by the pc ( driver can’t be installed) !
    it’s strange because wbefore the first method of flash, the childpad was recognised easelly by my computer !

    • Recovery mode seems to be ok but strange because nothing appears on the screen, only in the rockchip tool interface !

      I’ve upgrade to CFW to pass the tab in android 4.1.1 with the EvolutionRKTool method, i success but the result is the same : touch-screen doesn’t work !!

      i have find a way to re-install the official FW vers1.0 but i have lost all the android application that was propose to install during the first running time !!
      it’s work but with less application 🙁

      So i need help and idea to flash and upgrade to android 4.1.1 with an functionnal touch screen.

        • Hello
          To re install the official FW, just use the same tool ( rockchip 1.5) witch install the CFW, but load the official one in place off the CFW ! and let’s go !
          after you will have your childpad working with default parameters !
          so use the link below to reinstall all the apps that desapears !
          good luck and sorry for my english 🙁
          best regard.

          BUT does Excelletor have any solution to install CFW one the new childpad with a working touchscreen ?

  11. This looks like a blessing! I’m sitting here with 5 ChildPads and found them disappointing… I wanted to add some apps on the device before giving it to the kids. I somehow ended up in Google Play and thought it was so much better than the silly AppsLib… but wow, we can’t use it? O_o

    I found this site by searching « how to use google play on childpad ». And I want to instal this before giving them to the kids for christmas, so they can get some real apps on it =P

    But I have a very important question. It says to NOT instal the wrong version, but how do you know? I have looked at the device, on the box and flipped through the papers that came with it. How do I know if it’s capacitive or resistive screen model? All I know is that it’s an Arnova ChildPad, 4 GB, 1 GB Ram, 1GHz. Hope you know how I can find out so I can try it =^_^=

  12. Hi, just to understand, if I download this « » is the desappearing shortcut problem solved? I know there is a newer version, 4.1.1, but I’m not familiar with flashing procedure and I would like to use the easy procedure apparently not available for 4.1.1. Thanks.

  13. i tried to install this software with no luck. Have downloaded to my pic, extracted and when I try to copy to childpad the first thing that pops up is internal memory, i’ve copied and dropped into the internal memory and now it just sits there doing nothing, please help!!!

  14. Good stuff! Without the firmware the tablet would be quite crappy 😉

    Now, as someone completely new to Android, I’ve googled for a way to install apps on the sd card instead of the internal storage to circumvent the 512 MB limit. But nothing worked so far.

    There seem to be two different ways

    1) Using « Move to SC card » that is supported since Froyo
    With ICS this seems to have gone, at least I don’t find it on the childpad with the custom firmware

    2) Using the ADB shell and setting « pm setInstallLocation 2 »
    This does not seem to have any effect at all

    Does anyone know a way to install apps on the sd card or maybe move installed apps there?

    Any help would be appreciated. 🙂

  15. First things first… GREAT JOB !

    I do not want to put too much pressure on the shoulders of you developers but I have 1 small question. Maybe a stupid question. Is it possible to have google+ and google talk to work on this image? I tried to install the google+ via the play store but when selecting the account it always returned errors from the server. And google talk I took the apk from my SGS2 and copied it over and installed it fine. But when launching it, it stopped and closed.

    Maybe I did something wrong?

    • We tried to get Google Talk working on it, but our test gave negative results. There is some stuff missing in the firmware which is needed to have Google Talk working correctly. Maybe we will fix that later, but we first want to fix the homescreen problems(fix is already working on both capacitive and resistive models, so won’t take long) and the increased data partition. I will give Google+ a look too….

        • People always say – when time permits. 🙂 We are quite busy with all the firmware stuff for the ChildPad and other models, but once I will have my own linux setup running, it should go faster. 😉 Really can’t give you any precise date.

          • No worries, you guys are doing great. I found another little quirk about the child pad. Apparently every time i reboot any apps or folders on the home screen get removed and its reset to the default folders. Anything you guys can look into.

            So wishlist:
            1.5gb install partition
            Customizable Home screen

            • I have a temporary solution for disappearing shortcuts on the homescreen. Remove the default_workspace.xml file from your internal storage which should be located in mnt/sdcard/system/(you can do it either from default explorer app on your ChildPad or from your pc, it’s not the /system/ folder which superuser permissions are granted for). After that, you can add your own shortcuts and they will not disappear after a fresh reboot. 😉

              Actually, the firmware which fixes the homescreen problem for the resistive version is already released, but because Archos messed up build numbers, we thought we had a newer fw installed. 😉 We will probably rebuild the firmwares, but we need to wait for Archos to release the fixed fw for the capacitive…

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