Arnova 9 G3 ICS custom firmware avec Google Play, root et Face Unlock


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  1. Impressive work on this, I researched the Arnova 9 G3, and its a pretty weak tablet compared to whats out there, but whats available to me as a truck driver was limited.
    Upon further research, I saw that there was no google play, so doing some searching, I came across this article which eased my nerve about buying it because I’m somewhat of an Android (well Linux but same thing) power user.
    Now I have access to the Google play I use on my Android Phone so I don’t need to re-buy apps again thankfully.
    But what I like about this particular tablet is the available USB port that I might be able to manipulate to do things other than mass storage. And even with that, maybe get a USB powered external harddrive (so much for portability but 4GB internal with 512mb taken for OS alone is ridiculous)
    I don’t like the touch screen though, I cannot lay the tablet completely flat and use it that way, I returned one already and this is the second and if you lay it flat, seems that it touches way more than it needs to. For example, opening up calculator, lay it flat, then press the 789 row, and it spazes out by pressing everything along that line of buttons on the screen. Is this a hardware issue common in the Arnova G3 series of tablets? Or tablets in general?
    This is my first « Tablet », I’ve been playing with android smartphones since the beginning days and never ran into such touchscreen issues.

  2. Help!!! I’ve done all the above.. was working fine. Done all the steps etc… then when Rockchip checks the download, I’m getting the following:

    ( Download Firmware Fail) in red type.

    The no « 1 » box is also red.

    Tablet is as dead as a DoDo.

    Any Suggestions???

  3. i am trying to put google play onto my daughters arnova 9 g3 tablet. I am very uneducated when it comes to computer so could do with some help. I have plugged the tablet into my computer and do I download the fireware thing onto my computer or sdo it from the tablet??? also what do i do next?

    • You’ll need to turn the tablet into « Recovery mode » which is some combination of the reset button, volume keys, and home/power button.

      You need to do this combination while the tablet is connected to the PC so you know when it enters recovery mode (it’ll prompt for new drivers)

      View the Rockchip tool guide (which has picture step by steps) for the steps beyond this point.

  4. How ‘safe’ is this upgrade? I’m quite happy to install/uninstall/tweak programs on my PC, but most of what I’ve read on this Forum (this topic included) seems to suggest poking the Arnova OS with sharp sticks — something I’m a little leery about. I have neither the knowledge nor time to play about ‘unbricking’ a tablet if it all goes wrong.

    The instructions above say <>… but HOW do you backup? There’s no Backup app that I’ve found, and my PC backup routines won’t accept the Arnova as a backupable drive.

    I’m willing to be a ‘mini-geek’, but ‘total geekdom’ is a step beyond me.

  5. As above having trouble entering this recovery mode. A bit of further instruction would be appreciated; clarifying in which order to press the reset button and home keys, and for how long.

    So far no matter what I try the tablet just boots as normal when I release the reset button, whether I hold it for three seconds or thirty.

          • That’s understandable, thanks for your work.

            I tried the paperclip combination last night and couldnt get it to work at all. I will keep trying. It’s strange, it’s as if the reset hole has no button inside……

            • It worked!
              The reason it wasnt workign before is my Lenovo desktop has unreliable front USB sockets. I tried the whole thing on an HP laptop and it worked. Thanks guys it has made my tablet so much more usable. Why dont Archos provide their tablets with proper access to Android ?


            • Not a developer, just a user but I share in everyone’s frustration. Here’s what I did…

              First, put the unit into USB Debugging mode. Without it, I couldn’t get anywhere. Go to settings -> Developer Settings and turn on USB Debug. Second, make sure you have a good USB cable that fits snug. After that, connect the unit to your PC. The driver popup should try to install the RockChip USB driver. Even if windows (I’m still on XP 32-bit) claims it failed… still click OK and check the « don’t prompt me to install again » box. I went through two days of frustration thinking the driver did not install because windows complained. Once I said screw it and just clicked OK, I finally got a pop up saying that my driver installed!!

              At that point I started up the RockChip Batch tool and loaded the firmware and then went through the key combinations. I decided to try something different since the posted method didn’t work. I held down reset, pushed in the Home button, held them for 10 seconds and then released the reset, then a half a second later released the Home button. Once I did I saw the RockChip Batch tool light the first green light which told me it was in recovery even though the screen was black. At that point it was just click upgrade and watch.

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