Arnova 9 G2 custom firmware upgrade to Android 4.0 ICS with Google Play, full root and Face Unlock


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  1. Can’t get my Vista tablet to open your zip file. It says the zip file is empty upon trying to open but if you hover over the file it says it has 64MB in the folder. What am I doing wrong? I’ve tried downloading it with 2 different browsers. I have a 32 bit Windows Vista OS. I bought a new 9 G2i online but it didn’t come with the full ICS or Google Play. I’m missing many ICS features. I’ve never had an Android before I don’t really know what I’m doing and I really need this to work! Please help! 🙂

  2. Hi
    this is an excellent rom. The only problem I am having is trying to usesky go tablet. It wont run on rooted devices. Any of the hide root aps I have tried do not work with this rom, is there anything else I can try to get sky go to work.
    Thank you

  3. With my Arnova 9 G2, the correct procedure to enter flashing mode was:
    1.Press and hold menu+pwr
    2.Press the reset button with the clip
    Then, with Win7-64, I had to search the “new device” through Control Panel->System->Device Manager and force the installation of a new driver.
    It only worked with the “Restore” function of the Rockchip Batch Tool (not the “Update” function).
    Now, with Android 4, Google apps, etc, it is a brand new tablet, incredibly faster and improved than the older Android 2.3 version. Thank You

  4. here it is 2013 i have been given an arnova 9 G2, and i have used the instructions above to successfully flash my tablet to this ics firmware. i experienced an issue after following the video instructions to install youtbe as well as root & superuser. it all worked fine until i tried to install a new keyboard? or perhaps it was the installation of a usb host app from the playstore. nonetheless i was stuck on the logo screen and was not able to shut down the tablet however i was able to press the pwr and home key at same time then press reset and the pc and rockchip install tool finally recognized the tablet in the correct mode, i then used restore button on the tool and the 9 G2 is running fine.

  5. Recently purchased an Arnova 9G2 that already has 4.0 ICS installed but still require Google Play/ market. Do I still have to use the custom firmware ICS/GOOGLE PLAY/FACE LOCK upgrade to get Google Play or is it possible to just add Google Play?

    • the play store is already included in the install- go to your apps and you should see it there. click it and sign into your google account. the video above has the entire walkthru of this to show u how to get running.

  6. Pleace help!!!
    Problem with Arnova 9 G2!android 2.3.1 karnel
    I try to flush a several custom roms, but the only way to put the device in recovery is by holding reset,power and menu,not like is shown on the top for this divise!And its recovery,not flash mode!
    In the recovery I cant move the line up or down and there is a massage:
    Recovery system v1.3.37
    E:Cant open /cache/recovery/command
    If I connect the device in this condition to Rockchip_Batch_Tool. The program recognize devise bud the color is pink,not green!After hitting the upgrade button I get massage:This operation didn’t do because of not supporting!

    • Install Prozedur im Vidio ist überflüssig. Zip Datei entpacken und auf eine mini SD Karte kopieren. Karte in das Gerät stecken und anschalten. Installierbare Datei wird gefunden – Frage: Installieren? – Ja. – fertig.

    • same problem…..
      pluged in ,power and usb,turned it off,
      then holded menu+power
      just when i was about to reset it,
      my pc found device but didnt install driver…than in device manager clicked other devices /unknown device and update from rockchip folder.
      (note: tablet screen did not turn on till the update was done)
      when i installed the driver on pc,in rockchip tool pink device turned to green and clicked update, 5 min later all done waited for screen to turn on…hope it helps

  7. After I did this on my 9 G2 it worked for about 3 minutes then it went off automatically and then its stuck now on the Arnova screen. I did reset but it comes back to the arnova screen and stays that way. I cant even turn it off. What to do now? My notebook cant recognize it either.

  8. I just did a an update by copying the update.img to the device root – device picks it up and asks you if you want to install.

    I had previously tried to get Arctools to work (this was easy on a g3 tab), and screwed the google services install so the rom didn’t work but a reset to remove all the apps installed was all it took.

    Thanks to the rom modders nice work 🙂

  9. I followed the instructions, the rockchip tool failed and now the bloody thing wont even turn on, just has the ARNOVA screen, it wont reset again like it did before and the rockchip tool no longer recognises it, what the hell have you guys done to my tablet???

  10. i have an arnova 9 g2 , i follow the steps but my tablet do’t turn in in recovery mode , why ? i shut down the tablet open the Rockchip Flasher tool , the new version of it then hold reset button then menu button release and my tablet just turn on ? any soloutions ? plz !!

    ps sorry for my bad eng

  11. is it possible to put or make an image update.img that start without rockshiptool, because it’s impossible for me to put my arnova 9 g2 in recovery mode, no combination keys works. like kasty in arctools to put market and root for example…thanks in advance

  12. I cannot get this to work. I don’t seem to be able to get the tablet into recovery mode. I have tried menu button then reset, reset then menu button, I have tried with it switched off, switched on, USB storage on, usb storage off…

    When I try to get it into recovery mode Windows 7 just says « USB device is not recognized », and no connected device shows in Rockchip.

    Could exact step by step idiot proof instructions be given please!? What state should the tablet be in before we start? Which button is pressed first – do you hold it/them down or just press it/them? What should you expect to see on the tablet screen, if anything, when it is is recovery mode?

  13. I have Arnova 9G2. I did what it said but i only got Google Play but not the full updated softwear.
    No face unlocking.
    Always freezes.
    Loads long.
    The rock ship tool dosnt link up with my tablet it dosnt show green
    Does Rockship Tool work on windows 7?

    • i did mine on windows 7 you have to plug the tablet into the computer while turned on, then turn it off, while its off hold menu and press the reset button. if you have the problems i had which are in my comment below do the same again but click restore instead of upgrade! hope that helps!

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