Arnova 8 G2 review part 3: 3G dongle support


The Arnova 8 G2 appears support some 3G dongles to provide mobile Internet access thru 3G wireless network services.

All you need is an USB host cable, a supported dongle and the SIM Card with a 3G/3G+ enabled contract.

Tested compatible 3G/3G+ donglesTested by
Archos 3G StickArctablet
M6Mobile dongle in France (apparently Huawei model E160 / TNT E510 ?)Cajl/Jbmm
We will update this list with other reported working dongles.

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Here are the details of the Mobile Networks settings on the Arnova 8 G2.

Let’s hope to see that feature implemented on other Arnova G2 products soon.



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