Arnova 8 G2 premier custom firmware avec Android Market et root


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  1. Hi guys
    a little late to the party! Firstly , many thanks to the poster and those who work night and day for the benefit of others.
    Im having some serious trouble with my G2. before even doing anything, Turning it on, shows up the Arnova logo and then it turn off and the whole thing happens again. Its basically in a booting loop.
    So, i thought i would flash it. I followed the instructions, everything worked fine. and i got a success message.
    unfortuantely, same thing. same boot looping as i had before the flash.
    so then i flashed it again using a different img from Cyanogen.

    now it goes past the arnova screen to the CM screen and stays there.

    no matter which .img i flash it with, i cant go past the arnova screen.

    Can anyone help?

    Id really appreciate it!

  2. My problem is this: I have a tablet ARNOVA 8 G2 with 4Gb and capacitive screen. I used the « ArcTools » to update to Android 2.3. The process has no error messages, but now my tablet has no sound and the screen flashes.
    The Technical Officer Arnova I supplied the official firmware, and can not find any correct firmware.


    P. S.: Sorry for my English

  3. I have just followed instructions above, but all I have when I switch on is the black scree with the Arnove logo. when it is plugged into PC I can access the drive or any of the folders. Does anyone know how I can fix this?

      • Did this firmware as per instructions, works great, however I cannot seem to use Android marketplace, I can load it and search apps but as soon as I click on an app description of any kind, Android marketplace just closes everytime. I get the « the application Market (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. Any ideas why this would happen? The whole reason I used this firmware was to have marketplace? Any ideas please?

  4. Hello,
    i had a problem during the install of the firmware. Now, the tablet does not start. I’m trying to put the original firmware with the Rockship tool, but doesn’t know how to start the device in recovery mode. does anyone have an idea ?

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