Arnova 7h G3 and FamilyPad OEM prices revealed, want a tablet for 53$?


A few days ago, there was IFA. Where was IFA, there was YF Tech, the OEM manufacturer for some of the Arnova products. And where are small Chinese companies, there is also Charbax. The enthousiastic guy with a nyan cat on his shirt decided to have a look on what YF Tech had to offer and asked them about their pricing options.

Let’s start with the Arnova FamilyPad. Though the model shown at IFA was the MW13-1304 and the Arnova FamilyPad unit that passed the FCC was the MW13-1301, we think that both models should be quite similar… The FamilyPad offers a 1280×800 13.3″ TN screen, 1GB of RAM, 10500 mAh battery which should last for 4-5 hours and runs on an Allwinner A10 processor. And if you buy 1000 of them directly from YF Tech, it will only cost you 180$/piece. Archos will probably put it in the market for 199-299€, but we will still have to see the final pricing. It should be available in the coming months.

Then there is also Arnova 7h G3, which should probably become the first white Arnova tablet. The shown model was looking the same as Prestigio MultiPad 7.0 Prime which is currently selling for a RRP of 89€. The 7h G3 will be feature a slightly different case design and possibly, 1GB of RAM, but still, the two models are pretty simillar. The guy told Charbax that the tablet will cost you only 53$ for one if you buy 1000 of them. Given that fact, we can expect the Arnova 7h G3 to sell between 70 and 90€.

Full hands-on video:


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