Arnova 7b G2 and Arnova 10b G2 on Arnova website


Arnova web site has just added two new tablets in their G2 line: The Arnova 7b G2 and the Arnova 10b G2.

According to the overview page on Arnova website for both 7b G2 and 10b G2 models, each model should be both available in capacitive multi-touch (2 point) or and resistive dual-touch screens (the G2-Dual Touch models). Still this is not very clear as the Tech Specs page mentions only a capacitive screen.

Both device cases seems to have been redesigned but the specifications seems to be pretty similar to the Arnova 7 G2 and the Arnova 10 G2.
Hopefully Arnova will present some real new tablets and get back into some innovation, let’s hope to see a third generation (G3) line of products with new Rockchip CPU (RK 3018 ?) in the coming months.

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