It looks like Arnova has decided to recycle their old Arnova 7 G2 and update these tablets to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) like they did for the Arnova 9 G2i.
At first look, this model is just an Arnova 7 G2 tablet with the same specs: Rockchip RK2918 CPU at 1 GHz, 512 Mb RAM, 7″ screen. This “new” Arnova 7 G2i seems to be currently available in a few European countries (Belgium, Netherlands, UK).

The product box is identical to the old Arnova 7 G2, with just an additional Android 4.0 ICS sticker.
The system is running on Android version 4.0.3 (build eng 4.0.3 IML74K eng.root.20120615.040238 test-keys) with a Linux Kernel version 3.0.8+ (built Fri Jun 15 09:25:37 CST 2012)

We do confirm that this Arnova 7 G2i ICS firmware can be flashed on a regular Arnova 7 G2 model. We are currently working on making a custom firmware to update the Arnova 7 G2i and the older 7 G2 model to Android 4.0 ICS with Google Play Store and root access, stay tuned !

Thanks to exelletor and our forum member Oream for the 7 G2i device pictures and the firmware update.


  1. Error on my wifi, it won’t turn on my wifi.when clicked says…turning on…and goes back to error, any help please? reboothed so many times and even try reset so many times no luck.. can’t connect to wifi. thanks

  2. Got to this link from Admin’s “Bluetooth & GPS” blog entry elsewhere on the forum.

    Does this ICS firmware for the 7 G2 have bluetooth support (via a USB OTG hosted dongle) ?

    If so, what chipset dongle does it require ?

    Thanks for any help.

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