Arnova 7 G2 custom firmware upgrade to Android 4.0 ICS with Google Play and full root


We recently reported the existence of the Arnova 7 G2i, which is basically an Arnova 7 G2 sold with Android 4.0 ICS. Thanks to Oream member on our forum for making a firmware dump of his device that is confirmed to work on the older Arnova 7 G2. We have modified that firmware dump to add Google Play Store/Android Market, full root, write access to /system partition and extended 1.5 Gb space for applications (/data partition)

Arnova 7 G2 custom firmware features

  • Clean installation of Google Play Store, no more missing apps (Twitter, Facebook…)
  • Full root support with writable /system partition
  • Root access is controled thru SuperSU.apk v0.96 (free version), a cool upgrade to SuperUser.apk by XDA developer Chainfire
  • Extended space for applications (/data) to 1.5 Gb
  • Install procedure

    Before starting, please make sure you backup all your existing apps, data and files that are on your tablet as they will be erased during the flash process. Also make sure your device is connected to the power.

    Step 1. Download

    Kasty custom firmware download (version 0.43)

    This firmware is specific to the Arnova 7 G2 (capacitive model only) and Arnova 7 G2i and should not be installed on other devices.




    Download the file above and extract the custom firmware image (update.img) on your computer hard drive.

    Step 2. Install and run Rockchip Flashing tool

    Please follow the Rockchip Flashing tool procedure: that will explain how to download Rockchip flashing tool, unpack the archive, put your device into flashing mode and flash the custom firmware file that you have unpacked in Step 1. We recommend that you use Restore button rather than Upgrade button in Rockchip flasher to make sure your device gets properly erased.

    Step 3. Arnova 7 G2 flashing and restart

    After Rockchip flasher has transferred the custom firmware to the tablet, you will have to restart the tablet to finish installing the firmware. Finally you will be back to Arnova default startup wizard.

    Support the project!

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    The following video demonstrates the 3 easy steps of the installation procedure to get Google Play Store and root to your Arnova 7 G2 in just a few minutes. The video shows the procedure for the Arnova 9 G2, but it’s very similar for the 7 G2.

    Let us know how this firmware works for you in our Arnova 7 G2 forum.

    Thanks to exelletor and Oream member of our forum for the Arnova 7 G2i firmware dump.


    1. I accidentally ‘bricked’ my 7 G2 and thought I’d need help from the excellent globula_neagra (as I did with my Arnova 8 G2 – successfully fixed, btw).

      However, I downloaded the updated firmware and followed the instructions to the letter. Hey presto I have a fully functioning tablet.

      Thanks for your work guys. 🙂

      • Salut, je vais t’aider Ă  rĂ©parer ta tablette

        tu dois d’abord avoir installĂ© Rockchip batchtools sur ton PC.

        Ensuite il faut que Windows reconnaisse l’Archos par usb (pour le rĂ©parer)
        Pour cela, il faut installer dans le dossier rockusbdriver le pilote USB nécessaire concernant ta version de windows 32bits ou 64 bits.(a toi de connaitre suffisamment Windows pour cela)
        une fois installĂ© ce pilote “rockusb”, windows reconnaitra l’Archos 7g2 par l’usb.

        Mais, si il t’ai arrivĂ© la mĂȘme chose qu’Ă  moi, ton archos est blockĂ©, donc il faut
        aussi le rĂ©initialiser, pour cela enfonce une aiguille dans le petit trou de Reset derriĂšre l’appareil (en bas Ă  gauche).(mettre l’archos en position arret quand tu appuie avec le trombonne, sinon ça marcheras pas !)

        Ton archos est alors rĂ©initialisĂ©, branche le sur ton pc en usb, (tu as prĂ©alablement lancĂ© rockshipbatchtool), et lĂ  miracle l’archos est reconnu !
        tu cliques sur “RESTORE” en bas du logiciel, (avec ton archos connectĂ© en USB + prise d’alimentation), et ton archos va se rĂ©parer tout seul, (peu redĂ©marrer plusieurs fois).
        Ton Archos ( arnova 7G2 ) est réparé ! mais tu retourneras à android 2.3, adieu
        android 4.0 !

    2. I have a problem when I want to do with ICSï»ż firmware on my Arnovaï»ż 7 G2 over Rockchip_Batch_Tool_v1.6 or Rockchip_Batch_Tool_v1.5 says no device what do I do with the Serbian and use Google translator, and the Arnovaï»ż 7 G2 is a great tablet please help me
      answer please

    3. Hello,
      I have the same problem. 🙁
      The update is successful, all works very well.
      But when I start the angry birds then the screen turns black for 1 second, then exit the startup page.
      If anyone knows the solution, please write …….
      thank you

    4. Hello,

      first of all: installation went well and everything is working good, very nice firmware. Many Thx

      Except for the earlier discussed (but not answered) problem: everytime I start up a game (like: angry birds, where is my water,…) it automatically closes. How can I fix this? Is it a problem with android version, or rather the game itself?

      Second: when I performed the root test as described in the installation video above, the result was: this device does not have proper root acces,the root test itself took about 5min…

      is there anyone who can help me with these problems? Admin?

      Many thx in advance

    5. Hi Guys!
      Can anyone help me?
      I just upgraded my arnova 7 g2 with the 4.0 firmware. My problem is the following: Although i can install every game not all of them is working. For example all the angry birds games r not working except angry birds season or like chrome or zenonia 4-5. I start the game. I see a black screen and then im back to the main android screen.
      Any can help me what should i do to make those apps work?

      • Yeah arhragan

        Same problem here, black screen on angry birds games.
        The rest works, you think the game is faulty.
        Although I know angry birds plays on 4.0 ics.

        Any one got idea’s?

        Never the less, This rom works flawless, yust love it
        Cudo’s to you guys!

    6. I tried this over and over again using the Rockchip tool, but with no success. When I finally discovered the DeviceManager (at the bottom of one of these pages), I was able to unbrick my 7 G2 and get ICS to install successfully. Unfortunately, I didn’t like ICS to I used the same DeviceManager to restore Gingerbread.

    7. This looks great. I’m planning to upgrade my daughter’s 7 G2. I am curious about one thing though. I understand that there is a simpler way to upgrade the firmware where you just copy the image to the device using the regular USB and then shut down and restart the device. So, why do you not mention it and send people directly to the Rockchip flashing tool? Will the “normal” method not work with this image?


    8. this firmware is great but the main problem is the multitouch………if I keep pressing on both sides of the screen and release one finger the other side remains pressed til I remove both the fingers….plz fix this problem…..or give me instructions on how to fix it…..

    9. I just ordered an Arnova 7 G2 from Amazon for $88 (+ .80 for a micro usb host converter.) I plan on giving this to my 10 yr old son for Christmas. I own a 7HTv1 and mostly use it for reading. I expect my son to do the same with this one (10+ books a week is what he reads.) I will put the ICS firmware on it! Hope it’s as easy as YAR .28!

      • I upgraded my new 4 GB 7 G2 to Android ICS successfully. I had to use the hardware manager to install the driver (instructions are at the end of the flashing page) on my Windows 7 computer. In order to complete the process (after the flash program was done), I had to reset the tablet and use the AC power cord to get it to turn on (long hold on power switch didn’t work.) I had to do all those things with my 7HTv1 when I put the YAR .28 firmware on it, so I wasn’t surprised.

        I haven’t tested much other than the wifi (it works.) It’s in the closet until Christmas.

        Thanks for all the work put into making this firmware update!


        • Charging system doesn’t work consistently. When battery report low charge, I will charge it overnight. Afterwards, it will report 100% charge for 2 minutes then show 5% then die. Other times, it works great. I may put the original firmware back on the device and see if it is a hardware problem. Isn’t there a way to reset/retrain a battery on Android by deleting a file then the next charge re-writes the file?

    10. Hi, exactly one week ago I was given a brand new boxed Arnova 7 G2i, i.e with ICS already installed (had the ICS label on the box). As expected there is no Google Play installed.

      I would like to confirm that Kasty custom firmware download (version 0.43) is compatible the 7 G2i devices. As far as I can see it should be – I’d get everything I had before plus Google Play and a rooted device. Right?


    11. Hi installed the firmware with no problems all works great. Just one thing I want to use vpn with my tablet and the client I installed couldn’t find tun.ko is there a version of tun.ko I can install with this firmware if not I guess I’ll have to downgrade to 2.3 for the time being
      Thanks in advance

    12. 1. Access any content from the SD card is not possible. Example If I play movie from the sd card it got hanged after that I have to close application to solve the issue ( FYI SD card was removed before update the firmware)
      2. After drained the battery completely the tablet went to switch off, again we put for the charging that time the tablet not getting on. Once pressed reset button then only it is on. We have faced this issue many times.
      If possible please find the solution for the above issues.

    13. First of all, i would thank you for the firmware, very stable, keep it up. This is my first tablet ever, ever since i came across your website, it just made my tab better and better with all the firmwares that you provide for my 7 g2. ics is the best, very stable, now i’m able to play games, that i couldn’t with my gingerbread. I do have one problem though. Just found out that my multitouch is acting strange. Like when i play pes 2012, the controls are all messed up. When i’m using the directional touch in pes, and press b or a for a pass or a long ball, and release my finger, b or a stays pressed. the only way to bring it back to work is to stop touching the screen ( releasing the directional touch ). The same with heavy gunner, shoot with both guns, and you release one gun, it stay pressed. I hope you know what i mean. I’ve been a huge fan of your wesite ever since i had my G2. Do you mind helping me out ? any tips would be usefull, thank you….

    14. love it but ive been having a problem with my wifi not working. it was this way before i installed ics. it is not turning on it tries then shuts off? im at a loss cant figure out why this is happening
      any help would be appreciated. thank you for the ice cream 🙂

    15. We have the Archos 7b G2 capicitive here and would like to know if I can flash this on that one too? If not it would be great if it can be ported to the Archos 7b G2 also! They look similar and prbably the hardware is alo very similar. I tried flashing earlier versions of Kasty’s before but that resulted in a non booting tablet. We only can run the Morkamod Honeycomb rom on our 7b G2 but that isn’t always that great and very outdated

    16. I have a simple question, I have an Arnova 7G2 and wish to update the firmware so I can get Google Play, but my question is If I perform the procedure to do the update, and things go wrong for some reason can I put things back to the original firmware from the Arnova site.

    17. wow , this is awesomely beautiess , no lags good speed great battery life love the ice cream served with root made 7g2 a shiner , had some trouble loading rockchip drivers on my computer but figured it out then the green blinking night and the melody begins ,
      thanks a ton for providing this 3 cheers .

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