Arnova 10d G3 tablet feedback with first users reviews [Updated]


The Arnova 10d G3 Android tablet has started to sell a few days ago. A few shops like in Germany or Auchan in France are already running promotions under 120 euros, making this 10 inches Android tablet a great deal on the market. Still, the buyers feedback we gathered on the Internet, give mixed echos: some are quite happy with their new tablet while others are mentioning serious flaws. Let’s have a look !

Update 2012/11/21: We have added a video showing the (poor) screen viewing angles, see in the users reported issues below, thanks Mannix.

Arnova 10d G3 specifications

Operating System Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
CPU Single-core VIA 8850 running @1.2 Ghz (ARM Cortex A9)
Integrated GPU: Mali 400 (single-core)
Flash Storage Memory Capacity: 4 GB
System Memory 1024 MB
Additional storage Micro SD slot (SDHC compatible)
Display TFT LCD 10 inches capacitive 5 points screen
1024×600 resolution
Bluetooth No
Wifi 802.11 b/g/n
Gravity Sensor Yes
Camera 0.3Mp (front facing)
HDMI Yes (mini HDMI)
Interfaces Full size USB Host
Micro USB slave 2.0: Mass Storage Class (MSC)
MicroSD slot
Google Play Store Yes (but the device is not Google certified)
Kickstand No
Dimensions 200 x 127 x 10 mm
Weight 590 g

User reported Arnova 10d G3 issues

There is some users feedback on german Forum, if you want to save yourself the 30+ pages of forum reading in German 🙂 you will find a summary below:
  • SDCard detection problems: Link
  • Poor Google Play Store support (device is not Google Certified), link
  • Wi-FI issues: connection lost Link and Link
  • Low quality display: poor viewing angles, flickering, low resolution: Link, Link and Link

  • LCD screen backlight bleeding: Link

  • Arnova 10d G3 vs Arnova 10b G3 benchmarks

    On the performance side, comparing with the Arnova 10b G3, it seems the Arnova 10d G3 got a little performance boost with its Cortex A9 Single core running at 1.2 GHz. Still, it shows limited performance compared to actual Android tablets powered by recent processors such as the Rockchip RK3066 that we added in the comparison table below (Cube U30GT-H model)

    Arnova 10d G3 vs Arnova 10b G3 and Cube U30GT benchmarks results
    Arnova 10d G3 Arnova 10b G3 Cube U30GT-H
    (RK3066 tablet)

    Antutu Benchmark
    higher is faster
    Total score: Total 3088
    CPU: 1039  
    GPU: 1251 
    RAM: 382 
    I/O: 416
    Total score: 2417
    CPU:  743
    GPU: 761
    RAM: 422
    I/O: 491
    Total score: 7724
    CPU: 4023
    GPU: 1578
    RAM: 1440
    I/O: 683
    CF-Bench v 1.1
    higher is faster
    Native score: 3851
    Java Score: 1402
    Overall Score: 2381
    Native score: 3064
    Java Score: 1018
    Overall Score: 1836
    Native score: 13727
    Java Score: 3899
    Overall Score: 7830
    Quadrant Advanced 1.1.7
    higher is faster
    Total: 1194
    CPU: 1789
    Mem: 1139
    I/O: 784
    2D: 275
    3D: 1987
    Total: 1551
    CPU: 1378
    Mem: 2735
    I/O: 2142
    2D: 457
    3D: 1045
    Total: 4344
    CPU: 7426
    Mem: 4555
    I/O: 6746
    2D: 870
    3D: 2122
    Nenamark v 2.0
    higher is faster
    19.2 FPS 18.3 FPS 54.1 FPS

    Our opinion

    Based on the product specifications and users feedback , the Arnova 10d G3 looks like a good entry level Android tablet for anyone interested in a budget 10″ model. If you can do with the relatively low CPU performance and the other limitations we noted in this article, the 10d G3 model should be OK for you to handle simple tasks such as web browsing, video/music playing, Youtube, eBook reading… If you really want more, it may be wiser to wait for a few weeks as new devices with better screen and more CPU power that will probably be available at less than 150 euros near Christmas time.

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    Sources used in this article: German Forum
    Tarnatos member on German forum
    First picture from arnova website
    Cube U30GT benchmarks: forum, forum,
    Mannix for the display viewing angles video.


    1. I read the reviews (German and all) and bought the product at the end of December, and was happy with the functions and performance for the price. But the Screen cracked badly and broke when it was dropped onto a carpeted floor. Not a robust build. There had appeared to be some play or movement between the case and screen beforehand, but it was dropped before I had a chance to bring back to the shop.

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