[Mise à jour 3] Arnova 10b G3 capacitive model ICS custom firmware avec Google Play, root et Face Unlock (version 0.42)


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  1. Hello, I just bought a new Arnova 10b G3 capacitive screen tablet. Tried loading both versions of firmware offered here using the Rockchip tool. Loaded in OK but on bootup all I get is a brief Arnova logo then nothing but random flashing lines. Loaded the stock firmware from your site and similar result. HELP

  2. etragusugarte said over: http://www.arctablet.com/blog/forum/arnova-10b-g3/arnova-10b-g3-howto-get-root-access-working/#p24174

    Hi. I am Agustin from Argentina. Got one in spain earlier this year. Was able to get the GApps Package with Google Market with no ROM change.

    I am actually looking forwards to some custom jellybeans firmware so i could get chrome running, plus some nice features (included in the ones availble here with PIP:http://www.arctablet.com/blog/featured/arnova-10b-g3-custom-firmware-android-4-1-jb-root-space-apps-pip/)

    The thing is, since the tablets battery aint that good i want to be able to turn it on on-the-go with no need of charger.

    so, in the meanwhile


    ill need to have root acces to stock firmware android 4.0.3 in orther to either edit « /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf » or change name of « sys/bin/wpa_supplicant » and get « wpa_supplicant_xoom_wifi_adhoc-1.zip » working

    (found here: https://docs.google.com/viewer?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.arctablet.com%2Fblog%2Fwp-content%2Fforum-file-uploads%2Fadmin%2F2012%2F06%2Fwpa_supplicant_xoom_wifi_adhoc-1.zip).

    Might adb help me from Windows PC to get access to these protected area and replace what i need to?

    Is the only way to root the tablet?

    Is there anyway to do this without changing its ROM?

    In my case, ive got rockchip so i guess i can make an image of my actual firmware and flash it back if needed (?)

    Hope my questions help others too

    Thank you!

  3. I first updated my new arnova with the arctools easy way.

    Everything worked out smooth, but after the update my tablet restarted and the calibration went into a loop. After restarting the tablet it calibrated, but ever since then it off by a full finger for some reason.

    I tried putting 2 different firmware’s on it with no succes. the error stays on my tablet.

    Is it broken or is there something i can do about this ?

    Hope someone can help.

  4. Shalom,

    also ich hatte das ausprobiert mit ArcTools, ging nicht da sich die CustomFirmeware mit dem Tool nicht bis zum Ende downloaden lies, da meine wifi Verbindung immer wieder abbrach vom Arnova aus.
    Der Versuch mit dem Rockchip Tool schlug ebenso fehl da sich das Arnova a) nicht ausschalten lies und b) der FlashModus nicht startete.
    Jedoch hatte ich den FlashModus schon eoinmal gesehen beim 1. Start und beim letzten Reset.
    Also habe ich die Firmware auf dem PC entpackt und dann auf die vorhandene SD-Card kopiert und im laufenden Arnova eingesetzt und unter Einstellungen->Speicher->SD Card eingebunden. Darauf startete dann auch das Firmewareupdate anstandslos und jetzt freue ich mich über ein wirklich gut laufendes Arnova. EInzigstes Manko: Angry Birds sowie Rio, Space, Seasons, Star Wars lassen sich nicht auf dem Arnova spielen wenn diese aus dem GooglePlayStore geladen werden, dies muss nach wie vor von AppLib oder AndroidPT installiert werden.
    Also noch mal kurz: SD Card entbinden unter den Einstellungen des Arnova -> Firmeware entpacken (es sollte die Update.img jetzt zu sehen sein) diese auf die SD Card spielen und dann diese wieder in das ARNOVA einsetzen und das Firmeware laufen lassen. WIchtig Stromversorgung muss dran sein!

    Damit dann die Spiele oder Apps auf die SD Card gehen können wie folgt:
    SD Card entnehmen (Einstellungen -> Speicher -> SD Card entnehmen klicken!), MiniTool Partition Wizard laden (google helps ;-), SD Card an den PC anschliessen Adapter oder Slot je nach dem, Partition Wizard starten, SD Card löschen (delete), Partition erstellen (create partition), FAT32 einstellen Größe angeben (die erste Partition sollte ca. 2-4 GB haben) diese Partition als Primary und active (das ist wichtig!!!), jetzt noch mal create Partition und den Rest als FAT32 und Primary aber [b]nicht[/b] active!!!, dann einfach nur noch apply klicken und warten bis die Karte erfolgreich partitioniert ist.
    Auf dem ARNOVA dann SU starten und SuperUser setzen, RootAcess und USB Debugging unter Einstellungen (ARNOVA Software) deaktivieren, Link2SD laden und dann die SD Card wieder in das Arnova stecken, Link2SD starten auf dem ARNOVA und schon zeigt diese an welche SW verschoben werden kann. Hierbei die App anklicken es erscheint ein 2. Fenster und dort dann LInk erstellen anklicken und dann evtl. noch auswählen aus « Anwendung, Daten, Programmbibliotheken » und dann OK klicken. Geht wunder bar und wenn man eine gute Class10 SD Card nimmt merkt man kaum den Geschwindigkeitsverlust.
    Alles in Allem läuft mein ARNOVA nun weitaus besser als mit der originalen Firmeware, weniger warm und mehr stabil, keine Browserabstürze mehr, keine aufgehängten Apps mehr, nur das wifi unterbricht ab und an noch.

    Hoffe es hilft anderen Usern auch ein wenig weiter zukommen.

    Viele Grüße

    PS: English Version of script will follow soon.
    kind regards

  5. I just did this update and it worked fine. But now I’ve noticed that a few apps such as angry birds (all of them) won’t open. Only if they’ve been downloaded through the now available play store. If I delete them and redownload them through the applib they work. Anyone else having this issue or know how to fix it?

  6. Hi All,

    My tablet is a Lazer 10 (copy of the Arnova 10b G3)
    Rockship Batch Tool doesn’t recognize my tablet after reset
    Update.img file is an archive (it isn’t the same result on the video after extraction)
    I read that it was possible to install Arnova instead of Lazer

    Please can you confirm me ?
    Thank you

  7. pouvez vous m’aider je n’arrive pas a « flasher » ma tablette lazer 10″ qui est le modèle de l’arnova 10 b g3 .Normalement le petit logo est vert mais moi il est rose,je charge le firmware et quand je fait upgrade sa me dit l’opération n’a pu être effectuer car cela n’est pas supporter. vous pouvez me joindre a cette adresse: jujudum@live.fr.
    P.S quelqu’un comme mon cas avait apparemment réussi a rooter sa tablette.

  8. Admin ?

    I need help, i just bought the Arnova 10b G3 4gb,
    When i download the firmware in arctools. it takes almost an hour to reach to the 71% and then it stops it wont download further, i tried it over and over .then it stops at 61% and dont go further then i rebooth and then it stop at 71% I have a good connection so that is not the problem ,

    Do you know what it can be ?



    • This problem is now stopped!!

      Now the download finished but then you will see «  » Please wait a few seconds while the files are unpacked……..
      It remains about 4 minutes and then he asks to reboot, as I did, and then he ask me to install so i press that, and then I see those yellow letters as in your vid and the android figure but then it stop installin and there comes a blue menu like on that picture here….


      Can u plzz help me ?

      Sorry for my bad english (Im Dutch)

        • I tried the alternative installation procedure,

          After downloading/unpack the zip file and running the rockchip as administrator im trying to flash the tablet but it wont get in flash mode after holding the volume + and putting a needle in, on the reset button for 15 sec. The tablet screen doesnt get black, and there happens nothing in rockchip.
          But on my laptop there comes a screen that the usb dont get recognize and can not install.(I’ve also tried control panel/no, let me choose/never install and save settings .And yes ,do this auto..) On win7,64

          I tried both procedures many times.

          Can u help me fix it ? Please help !

    • Admin.

      i put arctools on my device select the firmware he install it, i shut down the power start up again en select install the firmware, after a wile not only the yellow text disapere (install aborted ) but even a bleu text with all kind off selections to make, i treid them all but nothing works, the flash mode with rockchip didn’t even work

      built nr root rk29sdk-eng 4.0.3 IML74K eng
      root20120330,182730 test-keys

  9. I have a Arnova 10b g3 and am unable to connect to my PC . Says it should automatically find it . Has anyone info on where to find a driver as I suggest this missing . Deleted debugging as suggested . but still does not recognize the tablet . Thanks in anticipation

  10. Custom firmware succesfully implemented on Arnova 10bG3 8Gb EU/US
    PN 110410
    Bought at Wehkamp.nl in Holland.
    everything functions normally, access to market on existing account, like in the video.
    Thanks for your work.
    Greetings brodey.

  11. I have an Arnova 10 G2 which is faulty ( broken charging pin inside device) , I did succesfully flash this one but have had lots of issues, (sreen freeze, force close, screen calibration faults etc etc )

    I am collecting its replacement (10b G3) on Saturday and want to know if flashing the first one maybe casued these problems as it would make me think twice about doing it again?


    • Our custom firmwares with Google Play are based on the stock firmware from the manufacturer and don’t change the tablet behaviour. We have many happy users with our 10b G3 custom firmware (please use latest version 0.42) and it should be no problem for you; and you can always go back to the stock firmware if needed.

      • Hi, the firmware with Google Play works fantastic but now i want to go back to the stock firmware a local provider made a app for watching television, this can only with a unrooted device.
        How do i fix the stockfirmwire ??


  12. Hi, could I please have some help or advice? I’ve successfully managed to install Google Play via arctools, but my battery level has remained on 1% ever since. If I unplug the power cord, it shuts down. Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks

  13. Hi there!

    Two days ago i got this tablet and flashed this fw, everything works great. I was only wandering how to mount usb stick or mouse? I have a working micro usb to usb adapter, tried few usb stick storages (2gb,4gb,6gb) formated them to ntfs, fat, fat32, exfat but everytime i click USB in explorer i get « the usb device has been unmounted » :s How do i mount it in first place?


    • Arnova 10b G3 flahed and works !!
      Thank you very much arctablet ! 🙂

      For those who have problems entering flashing mode, try to :
      – Hold « Vol+ ».
      – Then press and hold « Reset » too, during 15 sec.
      – Release « Reset ».
      – Wait 1sec, then release « Vol+ ».

      And then, if Windows doesn’t ask you for drivers, try to search in the Windows Device Manager, you’ll see an unrecognized device. Just update this device’s drivers with those in the Rockchip flasher tool’s archive.
      You should now see the tablet in the flasher tool.

  14. Hello

    please help me because i have recive my Arnova 10b G3 today and i have put this firmware but when the finish and rebooting the touch scren not working they stay on calibration screen. if you can give me the orginal firmare ou any soltuion

    thank you

  15. Hello,
    Would this work on a Archos Arnova 10 G3 Capacitive Multitouch?
    Just want to be sure I don’t brick my phone.
    And how can I be sure to check if it is compatible, any way to check?

    Can you see it by the model number? My modelnumber is AN10BG3


  16. Finally managed to flash the upgrade to a brand new 10b g3 after finding pukker’s advice on disconnecting the power supply and the precise button and reset pressing sequence. Have now got Google Play, so main objective achieved – but like some others have now lost the auto screen rotate feature. This is presumably a bug in the custom firmware – any plans to fix it? And for some reason I can no longer install Aldiko from either Google Play or AppsLib – Google Play gives slightly more diagnostics (compared with AppsLib just saying not installed!) saying that could not install to USB storage or SD card (latter presumably refers to internal storage as don’t have a removable SD card). But no obvious reason. And other apps install fine. Any ideas?

  17. I know this is a little bit out of place but I got a LAZER 10.1 Capacitive (Auchan brand) which seems to be a « white brand » for Arnova 10b G3 for the Auchan chain of supermarkets.
    Anyone has any experience on updating this firmware on it? Can I, with some degree of safety, apply this firmware on the LAZER?

    Any enlightment on this would be appreciated!

    By the way – great website with tons of useful information!

  18. hi all, having some problems here..

    PC: Win7 64
    TAB: Arnova 10b G3 capacitive

    * Downloaded Rockchip Flashing tool and read through instructions.
    * Opened Rockchip.exe as admin
    * Held Vol+ and pressed Reset for 15 seconds then released reset
    * Waited another 1 second then released Vol+
    * Pc makes noise and system installs driver
    * System Device screen says « Rkusb »
    * Tablet screen is blank and black
    * Rockchip tool says…. nothing!.. no green box, no other color boxes, just blank..
    * Scratched head
    * Uninstalled driver and installed the win7 64 driver supplied with rockchip files manualy.
    * Reset and Vol+ part again
    * Rockchip Tool says.. Nothing!.. no green box, no other color boxes, just blank..
    * Unplug all leads and use different leads and repeat
    * Rockchip Tool says.. Nothing!
    * unplugged all leads to PC and tested vol+ / reset.. blank screen power button no longer works.
    * single press reset Tab reboots, shut down Tab
    * Hold Vol+ and hold PWR
    * Tablet goes into recovery mode « option of upgrade from image file on ssd »

    wondering is able to transfer file and get Tablet to install it on its own..

    Q: Why isnt Rockchip detecting my device?
    A: please help..

  19. Hi, recently flashed the updated firmware – now able to access app store etc. I have downloaded iplayer app but can’t get it to work correctly – the sound is out of sync with the picture and the pic runs very fast and constantly buffers. Any ideas? Help!

  20. I’ve got the capacitive screen model, according to the box, and I tried to run this firmware and I also get stuck at the calibration screen 🙁

    I’ve tried restoring to the original firmware and have the same problem.

    Any help ?

  21. Hello,

    I didn’t saw the part « This firmware is for the Arnova 10b G3 capacitive screen model only, don’t flash it if you have a resistive (DT or Dual Touch) model. »

    Anyway my Dual Touch has been flashed & i am stuck on « press ok » after screen has been calibrated, any idea when a firmware could be released?

    • Same here, not sure what tablet google play thinks it is?
      BBC iplayer dosnt run correctly either, netflix tho was working on 7″ g3
      used to start and stop a bit?
      Cant seem to install apps to external sd card now either?? ,if anyone else can help!! 🙂 thanx

  22. Tested on the Anova 10b G3.
    Works OK, but the auto screen rotation doesn’t work anymore.
    Does anyone know an solution?
    Is very frustrating to miss the horizontal way of working.
    Only portret mode.
    Switching under settings on an off doesn’t have any effect.

    Didn’t get my arnova flashing mode with powersupply connected.
    USB cable connected to PC (Win 7-64 with Rockchip Flashing tool running)

    My way:
    1. Push and hold Vol.+ button
    2. Push reset button for 15 seconds
    3. Release reset button (hold vol.+)
    4. Release vol.+ button 1 second later.

    Rockchip Flashing tool recognizes the tablet,
    start upgrading.

    Powersupply can be connected at that moment.


    Englisch not my native language, sorry.

    • Goodmorning,

      I need your help. I bought an ARNOVA 10b G3 4GB on Friday, and since Saturday I keep on trying to upgrade it with the firmware mentioned above. Everything seems to be done correctly, but when it comes the time for the TOUCH SCREEN CALIBRATION, touch is frozen. I have tryied it with two different pc. Please help me out, because I do not know what to do.

      • Hello.
        Which Arnova 10b G3 model do you have, do it says capacitive or resistive (DT or Dual Touch) on the box ? Did you buy it online, do you have a link for the product ?
        We’ll need to check, but it can be that you have a resistive model that uses a different touchscreen, which prevents the tablet to work after the flash. If that’s the case, we can probably fix it once we get a firmware dump of the resistive model…

  23. I just bought an arnova 10b g3 and just copied the new firmware to the machine
    from my pc as per their website, and it found the file and updated accordingly
    all works fine,straight into googleplay and installed tons of apps inc iplayer netflix etc
    all good 🙂

  24. Am I also going crazy, spent until 1:30 in the morning and all early thismorning trying to get all this to work with my 8b G3.

    Cannot get the thing into flashing mode, pushing + and reset seems to just simply reset the machine no matter how long I hold them in.

    An « unknown device » showing in device manager on both windows 7 32/64 bit (I have tried two machines) – but this device disappears as soon as I release the reset button.

    I have tried, one handedly, to install the usb driver from the rockchip folders – windows just keeps saying that the driver installed is the best option, even though it’s unknown.

    Maybe I have assumed that the 10b 3G would have the same hardware, just a bigger screen.

    I have had other tablets and have never had a problem installing stuff like this – I tend to try many angles and always get there – this one has beaten me!

    Some advice would be amazing….


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