Firmware Android 2.2 (Froyo) pour Arnova 10b avec Android Market et root – kasty-arn10b-22-01


Here is a custom firmware for the Arnova 10b tablet, it brings an Android 2.2 Froyo along with Android Market and root access to the Arnova 10b tablet.

As a first release, we are expecting some feedback on the firmware, please leave a comment at the end of the article to let us know how it worked for you. This is a work in progress, please check the changelog for modification informations.

This firmware is specific for the Arnova 10b (capacitive screen), if you own the earlier Arnova 10 model (with resistive screen) please check our Arnova 10 custom firmware.

Firmware download:

This firmware is specific to the Arnova 10b and should not be installed on other devices.




Important release notes:

  • this firmware is an unofficial custom firmware not supported by Archos/Arnova
  • this firmware is assembled with binaries from various devices, it is not built from source code, which leaves limited possibilities to fix important problems and full compatibility with the Arnova 10b is not garanteed.
  • Android Market support is partial and not all Market applications can currently be currently found
  • We are testing our custom firmwares before making them public, and we are only releasing it when it is stable enough (unless noted otherwise)
  • In case the firmware does not suit your expectations, you should always be able to
    restore another firmware. Use Rockchip flashing tools in case things have really gone wrong and your device appears « bricked« .

Firmware update procedure:

Step 1 – Install firmware

The first part of the procedure is similar to the one on the Arnova 10

  • Connect your device to the electricity socket, fully charge it and leave the socket connected
  • Unzip the update.img file out of the zip archive
  • Copy the img file to the root of your device
  • Unmount USB on your device, it should give a prompt similar to this one:
  • Push the Install button and follow the update procedure
  • You can also refer to our flashing procedure page for more details.

  • The first boot after flashing may take some time (few minutes), please be patient.
  • This first part of the procedure is similar to the one on the Arnova 10, that you can see on this video:

    Step 2 – Install Market

    When your Arnova 10b has started on the new Android 2.2 operating system, please configure the WIFI network to access the Internet. The tablet comes loaded with latest ArcTools release, please follow the Market installation procedure for the Android Market.:
    – Start ArcTools
    – Make sure « Default Apps & Market v2.2.7 (Android 2.2 Froyo) » is selected in the list
    – Press Download button, wait for the download to finish
    – Press Install Apps button
    – Reboot the device
    – Configure your Android Market
    (this procedure is detailled on the Market installation with ArcTools page, please starting at Step 3.)

    Step 3 – Apply Market fix to get all applications on Android Market

  • You will probably have a lot of applications missing in the Android Market, please apply the Android Market fix procedure to get all applications back in the Market.
  • Mounting Arnova 10b on your PC / turning ON USB Storage

    This Android 2.2 Froyo firmware does not automatically mount your tablet to your computer when connected on USB. You need to manually turn ON USB storage thru 3 simple steps:

  • Plug your Arnova 10 to the USB device you want to connect to

  • Grab the notification area from the top of the screen, click on the USB connected line

  • Click on the Turn on USB Storage button to mount your device to your computer

  • You should get the following screen.

  • Click Turn off USB Storage button to unmount your Tablet on your computer.

    Restoring Arnova 10b default firmware

    If case you don’t like this firmware or if you just want to go back to the default stock firmware:


    0.1 (2011/08/26) Initial release, to gather feedback for testers.

    Thanks to all the developers and firmware builders that help in making this release, mainly BirdieBNL, fun_ and ^BatVanko^.


    1. Hi,my friend.
      My name is Chris,from Romania.
      I have a Prestigio Multipad PMP5100 tablet,and I replace original firmware with kasty-arn10-22-05. It work fine for me,and thank you very,very much for it.
      This firmware is not mount R/W ,and I haven`t access to system files.
      Please help me how I can mount R/W my system files on this device.
      Excuse me for my poor english.
      Thank you in advance,and have a nice day.

    2. Hi!

      I have followed these instructions and get stuck at a very vital point:
      Everything seems to work BUT
      I can´t calibrate the screen and because of that I can´t use my tablet.

      I hhave tried to downgrade back to original rom and then it stucks in a loop during the calibration and I can´t get anywhere.

      Please help me!!!

    3. hi

      i have downloaded the update.img file and transferred it to my tablet
      after i click to install the update the tablet stays on the screen that says:
      firmware updating
      device is going to reboot and update firmware, keep your dc or usb cable connected

      but after a hour nothing happens
      can anyone give me any advice as i want the android market?

      • I can’t tell, it’s done depending on our time free and current focus is currently made on Arnova G2 models.
        We’ll hopefully find time to update the Arnova 10b firmware as well. We’ll be happy to publish custom firmwares made by other developers.

        • First of all, thank you for this hard work.
          But, PLEASE, find some time to continue developing for 10b model (skype, flash, bugs,…)
          We are beleive in your work and we are looking forward to see new version.

          PLEASE !!!!

          If you need some kind of donation, please provide us information.

    4. Hi,
      I’ve updated my Arnova 10b with this Firmware. It worked very well, but the icons for image and video camera are gone. After rollback the old firmeware version they occured again. With the old firmware some apps don’t work. What I have to do, to reinstall or activate the camera again???

    5. hi really really I need your help, first sorry for my english i’m writting from venezuela i speak spanish, my problem is that I installed your program kasty-arn10b-22-01 in my arnova 10 b, fine when i installed skype a reboot my tablet and after that it is freezed from the first screen that said android in green, please help me to come to the original software o to reinstall your android again, but someone that work, thanks a lot

    6. So i downloaded this shit. And now because i dislike it greatly, i wanted to re-install the original firmware, but i can’t. It won’t even accept that there’s a usb port on the device. So sadly i’m stumped and stuck with your firmware. I suggest that you explain in further detail what your firmware is like so no one does what i have just done, to test it out to then realise there isn’t a way of going back. Or at least so far i can’t go back.

    7. right! just installed a while ago. I have been trying to get around the ad-hoc wifi problem on my 10b and I thought, this being a custom firmware that the wpa_supplicant problem would be fixed. I guess not..
      also, my tablet now looks like a phone menu, screen settings etc, and I cannot get rid of screen lock function.
      resolution is wrong too, sometimes too large, sometimes too small..!
      besides that it all works fine..
      any sign of a new firmware update?

    8. Sorry for my English
      That’s really great and hard work! And I hope that some day we will try the final version of this firmware. My arnova 10b worked rather stable during a day. Than I made downgrade to the Stock, because there’re some problems with USB-host and i didn’t find in this firmware any solution of my specific problem. I have Wi-Fi points only at home and at work (I am from Belarus), so I would like to have a possibility to connect to WWW through my USB-3G-modem (huawei e150) as zenethink zt-180 and other Chinese devices can do. I want to have Internet access everywhere.
      How can i solve this problem? Can this problem be solved in Froyo?

    9. Hi

      Downloaded the new firmware and working well, only thing is I can’t move any apps to the sd card (to free up some internal memory). I’ve tried move2sd app but it says app not moved. Do I need to fomat and partition my sd card as I’ve read on some other forums?

    10. I installed it on my Arnova and everything worked just fine…

      But at some point I had to reset it to factory settings (under settings/privacy) to disconnect it from my google account.

      Then the device turned off, and simply WON’T turn on again. What should I do?
      My pc didn’t even recognize it was plugged in when I put it on the usb hub. I also tried to charge it, tried to keep the « turn on » button pressed… Nothing worked.

      What now? Help, please? Thanks in advance.

    11. I’m checking back to see if there is an update and I’m kind of amazed at the comments. I’ve been using the 2.2 for almost 2 months on 10b w/8GB and:
      1. Market works fine
      2. ower button works fine
      3. it’s faster than the orig 2.1
      4. it sleeps fine
      5. battery life is very good

      It basically all works as expected except the charging is odd, seems to only charge reliably while it is on and awake. Flash doesn’t work but then since Adobe has never relased support for this class of chip I don’t expect it to.

    12. Loaded easy enough, seemed to work, but then the Physical On/Off button didn’t work,and it seemed to a lot slower, maybe it is over tasking the 315mhz processor. Reinstalled the original firmware, I’ll wait till some of the bugs are worked out. Thanks

    13. Good work to those who bought this out. A rooted 2.2 rom that works.

      With the Archos Arnova 10b there is a problem though, after flashing this rom if you ever let the screen time out (go black), or let the unit sleep there is no real way to wake the unit up. The physical button’s don’t work. There’s no amount of pressing the physical buttons or tapping the screen that gets the tablet out of ‘sleep mode’. The only way is to connect the unit to the USB on your PC, then the screen comes on and u can unlock and use.

      A good rom, with root, nice, but you cant leave it and let the screen timeout because if you do you cant wake it back up.

    14. hi. (from france)
      i bought a 10b and was very disapointed, at first i considered to send it back but i only paid 87euros ( with and a touchpad fail) , so i could not have another one for the same price,decided to keep it.
      now i’ve rooted it on froyo, it’s much better. opera is faster and i only need flash and it would be perfect.
      small issues are batterie don’t last long, usb mounting, wifi reconnect, 3d games missing, autoscreen rotation is sometimes not right. also are the 256mb not enought to open pdf without some crashings.
      first tablet, i didn’t know i had to taskill everytime, but i am lazy on doing it each time.

      thanks a lot for your great job, hoping new root soon.

    15. i bought 2 arnova 10b tablets from currys in uk for £265 inc 3yrs accidental damage not bad. didn’t notice they do not support flash…
      anyways i like what you’ve done with firmware 2.2 but found it to unstable as theses are for my kids, so i reverted back to firmware 2.1 which is stable…
      i would like to know how you rooted the 10b ? and how you got market on as i would like to do the same on firmware 2.1 if possible. also is this project dead now or are you still working on it ? thankyou Alex.

    16. thank you or
      ich danke euch…
      ich hatte das arnova 10b für meine freundin gekauft und war traurig, weil man damit so wenig machen konnte. jetzt habe ich das update drauf und bin glücklich. denn meine freundin ist nun zufrieden.
      beste grüße aus deutschland


    18. Ok. still love the 2.2 upgrade. the preblems i found are that the device does not support flash player and leaving the sd card out of the device corrects the non response of the power button. otherwise every thing else works pretty good have noticed that the wifi times out after a while but thats minor. Any Ideas as to how to fix the flash player issue. When you try to install it the device lists as unknown a101c device and tells you the device is not supported.

    19. HELP…HELP!!!!, I downloaded the Froya but since then my machine will not power up or down with power button, sometimes if I hook it up to charger the screen comes up but that doesnt help when I am out on the road also it is not charging so to use it I have to keep it plugged to charger, please its almost useless…thanks

      • Very good start. However, there are some issues with the power button. It seems to go inactive after being on for awile. Currently I had to do a reset 5 times to make it work. I am currently trying it without my sd card and seems to be running better or at least the power button hasn’t malfunctioned yet today but its only been on now for about 3.5 hours since the last reset. Please take a look at this issue and let us know if you find out anything. Any suggestions on flash player installation.

    20. I need to install appli to test if it’s working on Arnova10B .
      ( last revision 1.4 that normaly work on honeycomb )
      Could someone with honeycomb tablet download-it and send me by email because
      i can not with mine ?

    21. I have 2.2 working but Market does not function like my other Pandigital Novel.
      I have tried the Market Fix multiple times but cant get all of searched apps.
      Can’t find Google Maps, or You Tube.
      The version of Market is 3.0.27 on the 10b.
      Is ther a better version and how can I get it working correctly?

    22. Thank you developers of this 2.2 firmware. Can’t wait to try the CM7 rom.
      More experimentation on the 2.2 for Arnova 10b:
      -There is no Reboot option, just shut down.
      -Sometimes after reviving from sleep the WiFi does not connect. Must go to setting to make the connection. Now using a Wifi widgit.
      -After full charge the side power light is green, but the tablet does not register the charge, unless you reboot. Now using a Battery widgit.
      When will we see the next update?

    23. After much experimentation, I have found that this tablet prefers 5:3 aspect ratio. If you want the maximum in clarity and optimized file size for your videos, here are the settings I came up with. Adding more to either bitrate wont help the quality.
      Customized MP4 Movie (*.mp4) template in Any Video Converter Pro
      Video Code: x264 (MP4)
      Frame Size: 1000×600 (5:3 ratio)
      Video Bitrate: 1280
      Video framerate: 24
      Encode Passes: 2
      Audio Codec: AAC
      Audio Bitrate: 160
      Sample rate: 44100
      Audio Channels: 2
      Disable Audio: No
      A/V Sync: Default
      These settings work great on my Epic and my Touchpad. They would also work great in an iPad or XBOX.

    24. Just got my 10b and installed this firmware. So far so good. Had to do the market fix to get all the apps to show up, but it’s all working like it should now.

      Starting to go through and figure out which apps I need here and start finding out which ones will actually work on the tablet.

      • Hi all, I installed the newest Froyo for Arnova 10b. Everything seemed fine after 1st roboot. Market worked well after clearing up the cache. However, it goes to locked screen somehow, and I have no way to turn it on. Connected to PC did not help. I can not use this tab at all? Anyone has the same problem? I will try to hard reset, will report later.

      • Been running most of yesterday and today on this, and so far only a couple of littel glitches. Words with friends sometimes makes my 10b lock up Today, my wifi keeps forgetting its settings. If I open up the wireless settings and make any change (like turning open wifi network notification on or off), wifi wakes up and reconnects. I put a shortcut to the wifi settings on the dock to fix that (I’m using launcher pro).

        Overall, I’m pretty happy.

    25. Nicely done. Here are some of my opinions:
      Camera apk is missing.
      Great for browsing and reading.
      Battery life about 2.5 hours
      No live wallpaper
      Netflix not working even with modified build.prop. Could not save file, Access Denied!
      Cant get Flash to work. Only version that installs is Flash fo 21.apk
      The Market verion installed does not offer all free or all paid options. Does not show all

      I have cusomized mine with:
      launcher pro
      Opera Mini

      Much better hand the Stock Firmware.

    26. seems to be working fine. not sure if market is *full*… searching doesn’t bring up all results however the « top » listings appear as though they are from an unlocked market (youtube, maps etc). Still, incredible work!

    27. Great, thanks!
      Few comments for those trying it out:
      -you have to follow the directions exactly
      -none of the Arnova ROMs support Flash out of the box but Dolphin Mini will automatically bring up the video player for some sites
      -you have to do the Market fix as described. I had to do it and reboot 3 times to get it to take. Go figure.
      -the included file browser does not show the SD card but Android File Manager does
      -it’s rooted and USB debug is on

      Good job and thanks again!

    28. First impression : Yay!
      The ArcTools install does not work
      There is NO mount point for the internal memory.
      ROM unusable in this condition…

      Requests: Remove the default launcher and replace with Zeam.
      Remove the default Video Player, Music player, and File Browser. Replace with ES File Explorer

    29. some one please help i downloaded the 2.2 firmware for arnova 10b i used arctools to get the android market and apps were missing so i tried the fix, but it doesnt work and now whenever i try to surf the web the browser just closes please help

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